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trailer break: ‘Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead’

Take a break from work: watch a TV trailer…

Woo-hoo! New Doctor Who!

Ummm, I’m getting a strong vibe of “Midnight” off this: stuck on a bus with a bunch of strangers in the middle of nowhere, with a deadly environment outside? I hope it’s gonna be more than that.

But anyway: more Doctor Who! Hoorah!

I wanna know: Why is the Doctor on a bus? Where is he going? Is he visiting someone? Is he dropping in to UNIT to annoy them? Is he playing tourist somewhere? (You know, we have those red double-decker buses in New York, too: they use them for squiring sightseers around.)

Hey, are those giant sperm flying through the air toward the bus? Weird.

Still: Doctor Who is back! Just a little over a week to wait…

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead debuts on BBC1 on April 12; the gods only know when it will air in the U.S. But who’s waiting for it to air?

(thanks to Blake for point this out)

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