my week at the movies: ‘Drag Me to Hell,’ ‘Moon,’ ‘The Age of Stupid,’ more

It’s a slower week than I would have imagined for this time of year: I’ve got only a few flicks on my plate. I’m superpsyched for Sam Raimi’s first big-budget horror movie, Drag Me to Hell (opens in the U.K. on May 27, and in the U.S. on May 29), and I’m glad to see the talented Alison Lohman back on the big screen — it seems she’s been gone for a while.

This is what I know about Moon (opens in the U.S. on June 12, and in the U.K. on July 17): It’s a science fiction indie, and it stars Sam Rockwell as an astronaut living on the dark side of the moon. And that’s all I need to know to get my butt in a seat for it.

I’ll attend a screening of The Age of Stupid (opened in March in the U.K.; no U.S. release date has yet been announced), which I wrote a bit about recently, but I’m told this screening is not for review. So I won’t review it, and won’t even tweet my instant postscreening reaction. But as soon as I can talk about it, you’ll be the first to know.

Just because I haven’t written in a while about the piles of screeners and DVDs I’ve got here doesn’t mean they’re not still coming in. And I think I’ll try to get to both the new DVD of Taking Chance (I featured the trailer here) and Brothers at War (now playing in New York City; opens in Los Angeles on May 15). Because there’s no end in sight to the war…

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