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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

put a woman in charge of film school…

…but make sure the females are degraded on film. It’s all about balance, you see…

Yes, it’s the latest installment of “The Week in Women,” over at the Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

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  • joey

    Wow, that’s pretty disgusting. Even for von Trier, whose misogyny was already well-known. What the hell.

    My girlfriend – who is admittedly a fan of Haneke’s – defended The White Ribbon on the grounds that she suspects the film is meant to critique misogyny and male aggression. This is based only on his previous work, though, so I said she should probably see the movie first.

    I suspect you’re doing something similar in regards to Sam Raimi and Drag Me To Hell – not judging it without seeing it, obviously, but excusing its violence because of its depth of characterization.

    Also, I have to correct you about Up. The bird, despite being called “Kevin” by Russell and having the colorful plumage more typical of male birds, is actually female. So, there’s one other female character besides Ellie.

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