this is what doing what I do does to you after a while

I’m home by myself tonight — which is not usually the case on a Friday night — so I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on stuff on my DVR at the same time that I’m plowing through a pile of DVDs pulling stills for the usual Friday screencap quiz. (I like to prep a couple of months’ worth of these at the same time.)

And so I’m zipping through a movie that I won’t name because it’s gonna be the answer to an upcoming quiz, and it features an actor whom I find moderately attractive, and as I zipped, I found myself thinking, Hey, cool, I met that guy at that press thing once. But then I couldn’t remember what movie it could have been that he was promoting that I would have met him at a press event for (it definitely wasn’t the one on the DVD). And then I thought, Gee, did I not meet him at all? And I honestly could not determine whether I’d actually met this guy.

So what does that mean? Either that I can no longer distinguish my fantasies from reality, or meeting middling famous actors whom I find moderately attractive has become so banal that I cannot even recall the experience anymore.

Anyone who thinks being an entertainment journalist is glamorous should keep this in mind.

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