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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

who will film my life?


Your result for The Director Who Films Your Life Test…

Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Your film will be 49% romantic, 28% comedy, 33% complex plot, and a $ 25 million budget.

Ed Wood will get your film done waaaaay under budget, and will likely make it into a classic film of all time — for all the wrong reasons. Let’s face it, your life isn’t terribly exciting to begin with, and it needs some camping up. His resume includes classics such as Plan Nine From Outer Space and Glen or Glenda? He’s not afraid to tackle controversial topics, and may insist on portraying a transvestite in your film — even if you’ve never seen a transvestite before. He was immortalized in the Academy Award winning Tim Burton film, Ed Wood — go see it.

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  • PaulW

    Just sign me up for a few film classes at UCF, hand me a digital camcorder like they used to film Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and get Lindsay Lohan signed up to play you, and BLAMMO! Massive lawsuits.

  • MaryAnn

    No, Gillian Anderson must play me. Or Lucy Lawless. Or some unholy Frankensteinian amalgam of the two. That would be awesome.

  • PaulW

    I’m afraid I can only afford Lindsay Lohan on the budget. Besides, she needs the work. Maaaaybe I could get Amber Tamblyn. I *could* ask an old friend from high school to audition for the role…

  • markyd

    Sofia Coppola? That’s an odd choice.
    “Your film will be 58% romantic, 27% comedy, 26% complex plot, and a $ 23 million budget.”

    What is this crap? Since when was I a romantic? I hate Rom-coms! Where’s the action? Where’s the budget FOR said action? I guess I live a boring life.

  • Anne-Kari

    Hmm, I got James Brooks. Not sure how I feel about that…

  • I got Sofia Coppola too. I suppose that’s better than getting George Romero or David Lynch but still…

    I was hoping for Busby Berkeley. ;-)

  • Cate

    I got Ed Wood, too. Very slightly different percentages, and $3 million more in the budget.

  • Bill

    David Lynch.
    Your film will be 43% romantic, 40% comedy, 43% complex plot, and a $ 37 million budget.

    Eh. At least it wasn’t Harmony Korine.

  • PaulW

    Scene from Flick Filosopher: The Reckoning

    SCENE: Inside a limo driving through Times Square.

    ANTON EGO (Peter O’Toole): You didn’t think you could review all those films, dear child, and not have any of them come back to haunt you?

    (Sitting opposite) FLICK FILOSOPHER (Gillian Anderson, if we can afford her): They all haunt me, you know. For good and ill, those films will haunt me to my dying day…

    CUT TO:

    Various scenes from the film: Flick Filosopher circling the IMAGINE memorial opposite a menacing Hugo Weaving. Jennifer Connelly in a geisha outfit sliding open a samurai sword. A car chase through foot-high snow down a narrow Bowery avenue. Explosions at the Washington Bridge.

    FINAL CLIP for the trailer:
    FLICK FILOSOPHER (running towards the camera, carrying something that looks like the Autobot Matrix of Leadership): OPTIMUS! NOOOOOOOOOO!


  • hdj

    I got Akira Kurosawa! 45 mill Budget! ITs gunna be EPIC!

  • i got Cameron Crowe, which is pretty cool… but Kathy Bates will have to play me if i can’t play myself. either that or Queen Latifah!

  • Saladinho

    I got Ed Wood too. I think if you laugh in disbelief if someone’s trying to dump you, he’s the go to guy. Heh.

  • PaulW

    Oh. And exploding penguins. My Flick Filosopher bio-epic can’t be complete without exploding penguins.

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