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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

whoever can give me more hours in the day…

…will be my new best friend.

Yeah, I know: my Doctor Who blogging did not get up yesterday. Real life was more demanding yesterday than I thought it was going to be. And today is a three-screening day for me, which means hardly any time for anything else. I’ll see what I can squeeze in on the subway (I’ve gotten surprisingly adept at working on the laptop on the train) and in between movies.

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  • Tilde

    Need more hours in the day? Try polyphasic sleep!
    Link: http://everything2.com/index.pl?node=Everyman%20Sleep%20Schedule

    Sleep more efficiently by leveraging the power of napping, and you too can decrease the total time needed! You’ll be more alert too! Add hours to your day!

    Wow, I sound like an Ad – good thing I’m not selling anything. HA!

    (No really, I’m not selling anything – that’s just how I laugh)

    Seriously though, it’s possible to drop sleeping hours from 8 down to 5.5, 4, or if you’re really insane (and have just about no time-based commitments), 2 (yes, two – in six 20-minute naps).

    Puredoxyk over at http://www.puredoxyk.com/index.php/about-polyphasic-sleep/ is one of the best authorities on it (as it hasn’t been studied too much, you are taking your life and sanity into your own hands if you decide to try it)

    The main idea is that the body is more efficient at sleeping in shorter stretches, so you can reduce the length of the “core” sleep by adding evenly spaced naps throughout the day. One example would be a 3-4.5 hour “core” sleep, and 3-4 naps throughout the day.

    Oh, and Puredoxyk has a cool blog too – often philosophical and frequently fascinating.

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