opening in the U.K. June 12: ‘The Hangover,’ ‘Fired Up!,’ ‘The Last House on the Left,’ more

The Hangover: AKA Guys Do Stupid Things When They’re Drunk, and Even Stupider Things When They’re Not.

Fired Up!: They sold this film to American audiences by making sure there was a prominent FU on all the posters and such. I wonder if they’re trying the same in England…

The Last House on the Left: If you like rape porn, you’ll totally get off on this.

New Town Killers: Ooo ooo ooo, Doctor Who Matt Smith’s new companion Karen Gillan is in this as “Young Girl in Bus Station”! Awesome! (Oo, also: Dougray Scott. Nice.) [IMDB]

Looking for Eric: Ken Loach’s new film. It’s about a postman. I don’t think postmen go postal in England, and anyway, even if they did, I don’t think Ken Loach would make that kind of movie. [official site]

Chi bi: Woo-hoo, it’s John Woo. It’s about the Battle of Red Cliffs. I feel like such an ignorant American: I have no idea what that means. [IMDB]

Doghouse: A “laddish” comedy about women who turn into man-hating zombie cannibals. Oh, just make up your own damn humorless-feminist wisecrack. (Note to self: Check out for appearance by Noel Clarke…) [IMDB]

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