opening in the U.K. June 5: ‘Terminator Salvation,’ ‘Last Chance Harvey,’ ‘Sugar,’ more

Terminator Salvation: Robots bad. Humans good. That is all.

Last Chance Harvey: The routine romantic comedy is greatly elevated by the elegant presences of Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman. [trailer]

Sugar: Drama about a Dominican baseball player recruited to play in the Major Leagues. I’ve got a screener of this around here somewhere that I keep meaning to watch — I’m a sucker for baseball movies. [official site]

Pour elle: French thriller about a man trying to spring his wife from jail. Paul “Million Dollar Baby” Haggis is getting ready to remake this. [official site]

The Hide: Homegrown British thriller about a crime on the windswept mudflats of Suffolk. Star Alex MacQueen is appearing in that Sci Fi Channel thing Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. [IMDB]

W.C.: Drama about the toilet attendants in a Dublin nightclub. No, really. [official site]

Shadows in the Sun: Family drama set on the Norfolk coast in the 1960s, starring British legend Jean Simmons. [official site]

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