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switching to Disqus for comments? discuss

I’m seriously considering switching to using the commenting service Disqus to handle comments at FlickFilosopher.com. The major benefit would be that we could have threaded comments, which I think will make the comments here much more like conversations. Other benefits include the ability for commenters to link their comments to their Twitter and Facebook pages, a ratings system for comments (and a way to report spam or trolls), avatars, and a lot more.

If you have any experience with Disqus, positive or negative, please let me know here how you’d feel about switching over.

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  • MaSch

    Your conversations have a threaded structure?

    Wow, I knew you were someone really extraordinary ;)

  • markyd

    I’ve never been a fan of threaded comments. I think an actual message board would be cool. It IS hard to keep track of things the way they are now. I suppose even a threaded system would be better.

  • The Aliasater

    While threads are cool, I like to post under up to three aliases at times to keep the nice-ish stuff as me and any mean-ish or semi-dumb stuff (that comes off humorous at times) as someone else.

    I use the same e-mail generally so you always know who I am, but the outside world does not need to.

  • JoshB

    I take it this would entail signing up for a forum account with username and password and such?

  • Victor Plenty

    From the Disqus blog page, it would appear it can be configured to allow commenting as a guest, without creating a username and password.

  • RogerBW

    Threads are fine, but what happens when the service goes bankrupt or gets bought by Microsoft or Google? I’d much rather see comments endogenous to the site, as they are now. (Of course I don’t know how much work you have to put in to keep them despammed, but you have a lot more incentive to do that than some paid admin who’s looking after several thousand comment sites…)

    Avatars? Rating comments? Links to facebook? (What’s wrong with the URL option we already have?) All these things will take away from the content in favour of flash.

    But hey, I’d much rather have a mailing list or a newsserver than this painful web-based rubbish that’s ignoring all the lessons learned from those older technologies. So I’m probably not your target market anyway.

  • MaryAnn

    If I switch to Disqus, comments will be still reside here, at FlickFilosopher.com, in my database. If Disqus goes out of business, it may be a minor pain in the neck to remove the specific Disque coding that adds in the extra features, but the comments themselves won’t be lost.

    With Disqus, you can comment as a guest, so you won’t be required to sign up with a username and password.

    I don’t think that the extra features such as avatars and rating comments will be “flashy” — I think they’ll contribute to an even greater sense of community.

    If you link your Disqus account, the comments you post on any Disque site can be sent to your Twitter and/or Facebook feeds. It lets the people who follow you there know what you’re saying about stuff that interests you around the Web.

    The only other serious option I have for getting threaded comments here would be to update the site to Movable Type 4, which would be a major undertaking. It *is* something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but finding the time to devote to the job hasn’t been possible.

  • Anne-Kari

    Disqus sounds pretty good, actually. BTW, didn’t know where else to put this but I think you will agree that it is awesome:


  • good, so good!

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