the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Retardead’

Note that the DVD cover wants you to know that this is “from the creators of MONSTURD.” And the movie’s tagline? “They’re not so special anymore.” *sigh*

From the filmmakers:

Evil has come to the Butte County Institute of Special Education, and its students will never be the same. After surviving a ferocious battle with his own monstrous creation, Dr. Stern returns to continue his horrible research in this blood-drenched sequel to the cult hit “Monsturd.” Armed with a fatal hyper-intelligence serum, the mad doctor transforms a quiet community into an army of flesh-eating zombies. It’s a showdown of limb-chopping, head-bursting proportions as Stern’s nemesis, F.B.I. agent Susan Hannigan, and the local sheriff’s department take on the zombie plague in the ultimate battle royale.

So, I don’t get it. Are the zombies smart, or dumb? Did the serum turned retarded alive people into smart undead people? Or the other way around? And does it matter at all?

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