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come play with Galadriel’s breasts, boys!

What was I just saying about indulging male fantasies?

I always check new postings to make sure everything looks okay, and when I looked at my post about the Jennifer’s Body trailer, what the hell do I see in the lefthand column but this ad:

What the fuck? Are we — or boys, aka “lords,” at least — being invited to play with Galadriel’s breasts? There doesn’t seem to be anything else we’re invited to play with.

I clicked through the ad — which is for an online game — and found this:

The breasts again, with another invitation to play with them, and the assumption that the prospective player is male. Oh, sure, you could sign up as a girl, but the signup asks for your “Lord Name.”

If you go to the main page of the Evony site, there’s a different signup that doesn’t make assumptions about the prospective new player’s gender. But the breasts are all over it again. The male character depicted is, of course, fully clothed, though there is the implication that he’s probably got a boner as hard as steel. Which I suppose is meant to pander to the “lords,” too:

(The typo — Registered, which should be Register — is fun, too.)

Needless to say, I’ve turned these Evony ads off, and they shouldn’t appear here again.

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