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first look at Matt Smith’s ‘Doctor Who’ costume

Production started today on the 2010 series of Doctor Who, the one with Steven Moffat in charge and Matt Smith starring as the Doctor, and the BBC released the first image of Smith in costume:

Looks like David Tennant’s 10th Doctor geek chic has been exchanged for… what? Nerd chic?

At least the boots keep him from looking completely like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind.

That’s Karen Gillan as new companion Amy Pond on the left — looks like she stole the 10th Doctor’s Converse…

(There’s a little bit more to be had at the BBC Press Office — including the tidbit that, yes, we’ll be getting a full season of 13 episodes — and at BBC News, which, oddly, features the full-length picture of Smith and Gillan where the press site does not.)

Kudos to reader Martin for being the first one to get this to me.

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  • Lisa

    I kinda understand what they are trying to do young guy / old soul

    but I did laugh at what I read on another site

    is this going to be the first Dr who wears more outrageous clothes off set than on?

    It’s not really doing anything for me

    you would think as a first promo photo it would look better somehow rather tham them just sitting on steps

    wasn’t Tennant’s and Piper’s first promo picture the one of them and the Tardis on an estate? think he says in the video diaries that they shot it first day on the job so this is a little bit disappointing

  • Chris H

    My guess is that it’s not a “promo photo” per se, more of a “here’s a sneak peek so nobody tries to sneak on set for a look”.

    Probably my old-school Who fan talking, but I think it’s great. The Doctor’s look in the new series has been consistently subdued but *just* alien enough. I’ve already seen some snark about it, but my guess is those are some of the same people, when he was introduced, whining about the “all in black, emo Doctor”. This look definitely helps with the old man in a young body, which since for the first time I’m older than the Doctor, I have no problem with. (Tennant is older than me by a month — that was surreal enough!)

  • Matthew

    If you want to see things in context, there are also some set pictures, including a slightly-revamped TARDIS prop:


    There are some more photos here (click on the slideshow link), but they are a bit spoilery for a guest star:


    In some of the original photos in the Sun’s slideshow (since replaced by others) it was obvious that they were doing a photoshoot. So expect some more formal photos soon.

    Exciting times! Some people are speculating that Amy Pond is from the 1960s – and the filming photos suggest that this is possible.

  • [grumble, grumble, grumble…]

    looks like they should be shooting “The Young Doctor Who Adventures…” which [grumble] i could accept a lot better than this juvenile being *older* than DT’s Doctor…

    [more discontented grumbling…]

  • Matthew

    Compare and contrast with Peter Davison back in 1981:


    The Doctor changes, that’s part of it. Davison looked younger than Tom Baker, Tennant younger than Eccleston, Tom Baker younger than Pertwee, Troughton (and everyone else) younger than Hartnell.

    It’ll be fine once you see him in action, the Doctor is always fundamentally the Doctor.

  • Oh, Bronxbee, you’ve given me a great idea! We’ll let the Young Doctor Who Adventures take the place of the Sarah Jane Advantures on CBBC, and then we can move Sarah Jane to a post-watershed slot on BBC1 where she can have the adult, mature adventures she deserves!

    I’m liking it….

  • LaSargenta

    The trousers, length and cut with those boots, make me think of Johnny Rotten.

  • Matthew

    Actually The Young Doctor Who Adventures was what CBBC originally asked Russell T Davies for. He turned them down, because he wanted to preserve the mystery of the character, and pitched them The Sarah Jane Adventures instead.

  • MaryAnn

    Oo, that guest star… I dunno. Love the character, not sure how they’re gonna get away with bringing the character back like this…

  • Matthew

    We don’t know what episode they’re filming yet, but I’d guess it’s not the first one. The rumour from over here is that she’ll only be in two episodes.

    I’d bank on Steven Moffat doing something very clever with this, my only worry is that he might be too clever for his own good. That tendency somewhat spoiled Jekyll for me, although I think he’s avoided it one Doctor Who so far. And his saving grace is his amazing ability to shoot his cleverness through with real emotional depth using the most economical dialogue: “Wish me luck,” “No,” from The Girl in the Fireplace; “I have until the rain stops,” from Blink.

  • Matthew

    Oh and here’s another slightly spoilery clue as to what might be going on.

  • Matthew

    My slightly cryptic comment above is almost certainly a red herring. They are filming in the same location as the Bad Wolf Bay scenes were shot, but they’re using a different part of the beach.

    A few more pictures:


    The first two are spoiler-free, the last one is a spoilery one in the same way that the others have been (but it’s safe to click the link, because they give you plenty of warning).

  • Matthew

    Some people are speculating that Amy Pond is from the 1960s – and the filming photos suggest that this is possible.

    And again I spoke too soon. This picture (same mild spoilers as the others) clearly shows that she’s wearing a hooded top:


    Looks like another present-day companion. Which, honestly, I’m fine with. The idea of companion representing the viewers probably outweighs the benefits of novelty, I think, especially when so much else is new this time around.

  • A bow tie?

    A BOW TIE?????????????

    Look, I know a leather jacket has been done, but have some taste, doc!

  • Martin


    And a redesigned TARDIS.

    Grand Moff really is making his mark.

    Can’t wait to see the interior.

  • Althea

    Splft. Don’t like him. I’ve been in love with most of the Doctors (starting with “my” Doctor, Tom Baker), and sure it’s hard to follow David Tennant, but this guy just don’t do it for me. Feeling very petulant. Arms crossed, lower lip stuck out. Splft.

  • Noelle

    I love him already! His clothes look kinda like Patrick Troughton’s, my second favorite doctor (Tennant is first, and I’m in my twenties but I still love Doctor 2!)

  • NorthernStar

    I’m surprised that the look isn’t that far off Ten’s style but it looks good. Well, mostly good; that bow tie will have to go! It helps age him, not that Matt Smith looks as young as he is anyway.

    I was hoping for a Romantics type look as the actor just has the face for it. But I guess the costume department for Desparate Romantics got there first and nicked all the best stuff.

  • EnglerP

    For my part, i also like the look. (And i’m relieved that the slightly emoish look from the first photos after the news was published was apparently for another part).

    I like Tennant, but i hope 11 is a bit less hyperactive. A slight mix from Davison and McGann (He’s really good in the BigFinish-Audioplays) would be perfect.

  • Lisa

    yeah I’m not liking the bow tie

    but re the spoilery guest star – there was a rumour going around about a year ago, about Moffat’s first year saying that its story arc would be related to a huge revelation about said spoilery guest star who has been in the show before.

    but it could be complete bollocks

    for what I’ve heard about the first episode – it’s doesn’t look like that’s what they are filming now anyway

  • Oh, cool. The new Doctor’s first companion is Ginnie Wesley. Talk about your unexpected crossovers.;-)

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