new DVD releases in Region 2, July 6

green light (definitely check it out):

The International: Clive Owen versus cheating banksters: it’s Bailout: The Revenge. [Amazon U.K.] [now available at Amazon U.S.]

Marley & Me: Please to have some fuzzy cute puppies to make you forget why Clive Owen needs to kick some bankster ass. [Amazon U.K.] [now available at Amazon U.S.]

Doctor Who: The War Games: Patrick Troughton’s Doctor No. 2 versus bad people who like war. War, huh? This is what war is good for: Doctor Who stories. [Amazon U.K.]
yellow light (worth a look on DVD)

Doubt: The Catholic Church is scaaaar-reeeee. [Amazon U.K.] [now available at Amazon U.S.]

Get the complete list of this week’s new releases at Amazon U.K.

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