question of the day: Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern: good move, or bad?

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on Friday: Ryan Reynolds has been chosen to play the Green Lantern, winning the part over a slew of other hot names:

After an intense months-long search, Warner Bros. has settled on Ryan Reynolds as its choice to play “Green Lantern,” the studio’s live-action tentpole based on the DC Comics hero. The film is being directed by Martin Campbell and produced by Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti.

Reynolds and his camp entered negotiations for the part Friday, after the studio held two rounds of screen tests, along with actors Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto. Justin Timberlake also did a screen test.

THR also notes:

If the deal is completed, it would make Reynolds the only actor to have played heroes for both Marvel and DC. He recently starred in a comic book movie, Fox’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” where he played “the merc with a mouth” Deadpool. The character is now being developed for a spin-off to which Reynolds is attached. He also played Marvel’s vampire hunter Hannibal King in “Blade: Trinity.”

“Lantern” is actually Reynold’s second stab at a DC Comics hero. A few years ago, he was attached to play the comic company’s speedster “The Flash.”

I have no opinion on the casting, because I’m not at all familiar with the Green Lantern character (though I wouldn’t have minded seeing Nathan Fillion in the role). I was impressed with Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where — again — I had no real basis to judge him as Deadpool, but I loved the little fillips of humor he threw in. As an actor with his own style, Reynolds has grown on me considerably in recent years, particularly since Definitely, Maybe.

So I leave it to the experts to weigh in. CinemaBlend calls Reynolds “the safest choice,” yet also points out:

Lantern isn’t however usually known for his sense of humor, though who knows, perhaps they’ll find a way to rework the character to suit Ryan’s talent for the perfect retort.

What do you think? Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern: good move, or bad?

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