question of the day: Whom do we blame for the Michael Jackson overload?

It always becomes a national pastime when the news networks go overboard in covering a major celebrity happening… at the moment, of course, the seemingly nonstop coverage of the death of Michael Jackson: We start complaining about how the news networks are going overboard. If it appeared to slow down a little over the long holiday weekend, well, it’ll pick up again tomorrow, when Jackson’s public memorial will be televised around the planet.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times today:

Sixty-three percent of Americans say the musician’s death is getting too much media coverage, according to a survey released Thursday by HCD Research.

So surely all those people have turned off their TVs and gone out for a walk or something, right?

On the other hand, 80% in the same poll said they were engaged by Jackson stories when they saw them.

So is it, then, “elitist” — as CNN anchor Don Lemon characterizes critics of the Jackson coverage — to complain that the TV ain’t shuttin’ up about Michael Jackson? After all, if almost everyone says they’re enjoying the coverage, perhaps it’s only an illusion that everyone seems to be complaining about the coverage, too.

Is it fair to blame the news networks for their nonstop coverage of Michael Jackson’s death and legacy, if audiences are responding positively to it? Should we blame, you know, ourselves instead?

Whom do we blame for the Michael Jackson overload?

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