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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

trailer break: ‘Broke: The New American Dream’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Investment issues are to me the way science fiction is to some people: alien concepts spoken of in an alien language concerning things that I will never, ever have any stake in. Obviously the crashing economy affects me, too, but I don’t understand why things should be this way: How did we let a few greedy speculators ruin things for everyone? Can’t we wall these guys up in their own little multiplayer game, give them some Monopoly dollars, and let them play to their hearts’ content someplace where they can’t hurt anyone else? Why should I have to play their game — by investing in real estate or stocks or whatever — just to ensure that I’m not eating cat food when I’m 85? Isn’t that like demanding that everyone become a major league ball player?

I get a vibe from this trailer that the movie is not about walling off these players but merely advocating for a restructuring of the game. But we’ll see: I’ve got a screener of this movie on the way.

Broke: The New American Dream is available to purchase on DVD at the film’s official site; it’s coming soon to iTunes.

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