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trailer break: ‘Stargate: Universe’

Take a break from work: watch a TV trailer…

“Yes, that is planet Earth, and yes, you are on a spaceship.” And yes, I’d like to imagine myself in that position, as I’m sure most of the intended audience for this show could say as well, but c’mon: Do we really need to be pandered to with the inclusion of that pseudo-Jonah Hill as a pop-culture-referencing dork?

That’s the one thing that really cheeses me off here.

Other than that, though: woo, is there a whiff of Battlestar Galactica all over this, or what? Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing — if BSG is forcing sci-fi to grow up some, that’s great. Gritty is good. Let’s hope SGU is as willing as BSG was to kill off characters as needed to keep reminding us that the stakes are high. One of the major problems with Stargate: Atlantis (and even SG-1, at times) was that it was too safe: the characters were never truly in jeopardy. It looks, from the trailer, that we’re meant to believe that the situation is very dangerous indeed. But we’ve got to really feel that to make it work.

I’ve always loved Robert Carlyle, and I can’t wait to see what he does with a regular character he can develop over the course of a series.

This trailer premiered at Comic Con. Damn, I shoulda been there…

Stargate: Universe debuts in the U.S. on SyFy on October 2, and in the U.K. on Sky One sometime this autumn (nothing more specific has been announced yet).

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  • WR

    Apparently you didn’t watch SG1 or SGA as they did kill off characters. They bumped off the physicians with a bizarre regularity (Frasier, Beckett). What’s totally bizarre is that the same writers who wrote the shows you didn’t care for are also writing this one, so expect retreaded plots ;) After viewing the two trailers out there on the web, it seems they’re borrowing a plot device from The Last Starfighter,and the list goes on ;)

  • WR, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis only killed characters when the actors wanted to leave the show. And even then, I think every single one of them came back in a later episode in some form or another.

  • Ryan H

    Does anyone else think that the parallels between the Stargate shows and the Star Trek shows are really blatant?

    -Star Trek TNG
    -Star Gate SG1

    -DS9 (TNG on a space station)
    -Atlantis (SG1 on a space station)

    -Voyager (TNG accidentally transported to the other side of the universe, trying to get home)
    -Universe (SG1 accidentally transported to the other side of the universe, trying to get home)

    What’s next? Stargate set in the 1950’s where they pay lip service to the previous continuity while sneaking in every cameo they can?

  • Wr

    Newbs posted WR, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis only killed characters when the actors wanted to leave the show.

    I guess you didn’t read any articles on the series.

    Michael Shanks was the only one who wanted to leave the show. He chose not to renew his contract and TPTB decided to just kill his character for ratings. Teryl Rothery was just told they were killing Frasier (she was NOT happy). Carmen A (Selmac) found out his character was dying off when he got his script. Paul McGillion was called in the producers office, told he was doing a great job, and by the way, they’re killing off Beckett. The producers dumped Weir – told actress you can leave or become a recurring guest role. She left instead. Couldn’t blame her.

    TPTB don’t have a good track record.

  • allochthon

    May I please have RDA come to my door and say “We’re going to beam you up to our spaceship?”


  • RogerBW

    Never mind Voyager, it looks very like Space: 1999 to me: we only have a limited time to explore the planet-of-the-week.

    Apparently it is accepted wisdom that new viewers found it very difficult to get into the Stargate shows, so the new guy is an excuse to explain the basics all over again. Hey, at least the new guy (bearing in mind he’s meant to be the audience’s proxy in this role) is someone who’s actually encountered science fiction before, rather than being a generic know-nothing-think-nothing.

    The character writeups I’ve seen are not encouraging, but I suppose I’ll give it a shot.


    RDA still has a huge following. If you don’t believe this check out the one Stargate convention he attended. It was a sellout immediatly. The original SG1 went down hill when he left. If you want a sucessful show bring RDA back with more than walk on rolls. I love to watch RDA and will be the first to admit he does need to loose weight.Still a very sexy man.

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