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Victoria Jackson is giving ditzy blondes a bad name

I always thought Victoria Jackson was sorta cute on 1980s Saturday Night Live, in a ditzy-blonde kind of way that gave ditzy blondes a halfway decent image of sweetness and nontoxicity.

These days, she is clearly out to correct that unfair impression. For at Big Hollywood — the frequently hilarious blog where, as site founder Andrew Breitbart explains, “brave conservative thinkers” expose the “uninteresting… vicious… vitriolic,” “European leftist” liberals that have a stranglehold over Hollywood, and implore all the closeted right-wingers in the entertainment industry to come out — she went on a tear yesterday that:

I’d been wondering why the liberals are so passionate about this Health Care thing. It couldn’t be because they actually care about sick, poor people. If they did, they would visit hospitals, and give ten percent of their gross salaries to Compassion International and World Vision, like us stupid church go-ers do. Biden gave $ 62 to charity last year.

No, there’s gotta be a catch. I guess this question was sitting in my brain and during my sleep, my brain was working on it, because when I suddenly awoke at 3 a.m. I had the answer.


Social Security and Medicare are broke. Baby boomers, like me, are getting old and will soon be asking for it. Socialized medicine makes people die. You stand in a long, long line with a breast lump, clogged artery, or sharp pencil stuck in your eye, and someone like the DMV person, who can’t speak English, has chewing gum, an attitiude, really long fake nails that curl up at the end, and is talking on a cell phone, enjoying their power trip moment, is finally face to face with you. They mumble something incoherent about paperwork. You die. One less person in line for Social Security and Medicare!

Obama legally kills babies and now he can legally kill Grandmas!

Hitler did this. He killed the weak, the sick, the old, and babies and races/religions he didn’t like. Hitler also controlled the media. (Where’s the public debate between scientists on “Climate Change/Global Warming?”) Hitler had the VW bug invented as the state car. What will O’s nationalized car be? So… kill off the weak. That’s the plan. Tax the workers to death. Erase the middle class. Sounds like the evil governments we studied in high school long ago. The evil governments were : kings, oligarchies, facist, socialist, and communist. Now it’s called the Obama Administration. Sounds like candy or a rock band.

(Emphasis hers.)

Is that all of it? Hardly! Try it all — it’s fun!

Oh, and anyone have a couple spare tix for the Obama Administration concert at the stadium on Friday night? And have you downloaded their new album? It’s wonk!

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