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midnight screenings of ‘Julie & Julia’?

I was checking Fandango to see if my midnight show tomorrow of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was sold out (it looks like tix are still available 24 hours in advance of showtime), and just for the hell of it, I clicked to see whether the weekend’s other wide releases would be showing at midnight too. No surprise: the serial-killer thriller A Perfect Getaway will start playing at 12:01am… but so will the cooking duo of Julie & Julia.

Midnight screenings of Julie & Julia? Really? Are multiplexes expecting mobs of foodies in Julia Child costumes?


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  • I’ve found it to be common practice down here in Orlando, if only in the summer. Guess they figure if they’re showing one new release, they might as well unspool the others.

    There’s only one theater that shows everything Thursday night year-round, and it’s a minor salvation for those Lionsgate slashers and anything else primed to dodge reviews.

  • LaSargenta

    I can see it now, pearls and everything. The only question is: Would they bring a rubber chicken to demonstrate on? Or a fresh one?

  • yes! pearls, aprons and large knives at the midnight show… and beforehand everyone could demonstrate their technique for de-boning fish! i love it.

  • bracyman

    I can see it now, it’ll be the next Rocky Horror, complete with questions to trap the virgins.

    “How do you spell ‘flavor’?”

  • “How do you spell ‘flavor’?”

    NON! it’s B-U-T-T-E-R!

    knives come out and there are duels at midnight! (Save the Liver!)

  • This sounds awesome. B)

  • LaSargenta

    Yes, this IS awesome. Wow….>>day-dreaming

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