question of the day: What could be creepier than your own Edward Cullen shadow?

Are we entering an era of “the stalker as sexy”? We’re already at a place where Americans don’t mind being spied on by our government, apparently, if it (supposedly) keeps us safe. We’re already at a place where British citizens are observed by CCTV cameras everywhere they go even though the cameras don’t do a thing to prevent or solve crime. So maybe people do find it sexy to be stared at in one’s sleep by a vampire:

Elisabeth Rappe at Cinematical:

Now, from here it doesn’t look like he has any eyes, so his defensive ability is doubtful, but let’s not nitpick the finer points. It’s his glittery, broody presence that matters, and this decal offers 6’2 inches of two dimensional companionship. And unlike The Vamp, this Edward is a chaste and G-rated addition to your boudoir. He just wants you to be safe, girls, he’s not interested in sex.

(The Vamp is hilarious, and so NSFW.)

This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen, though it does follow logically from the massive success of Twilight: if all those vampire-swooning girls really do find it romantic to be spied upon while they sleep, this is the perfect bit of merchandising to continue separating these girls from their money. (It worked: the thing is sold out.)

So let’s brainstorm the next sinister bit of marketing for the new surveillance-is-cool era of pop culture. What could be creepier — or cooler, depending on your perspective — than your own Edward Cullen shadow?

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