question of the day: What’s your favorite John Hughes movie or movie moment?

Film writer-director-producer John Hughes died yesterday, of a sudden heart attack in New York, where he was visiting. He was only 59.

I am precisely the right age to have felt as if Hughes was speaking directly to me with his teen-angst comedies in the 1980s. (Which Breakfast Club character was I? I’d have been somewhere between Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall.) So it feels a little bit like a part of my childhood has gone with him. I always wondered whether he might revisit our generation, make a movie about us today — if he was so inspired by people of our age back in the 80s, mightn’t he have been so again now, in our 40s? It’ll never happen now.
What’s your favorite John Hughes movie or movie moment? His complete filmography is here, if you need a refresher on all the many movies he had a hand in.

Mine would be Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which I still believe is the best movie about Gen X as teens ever made. I don’t know if I could pick out a single moment as my favorite — I love the whole film.

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