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meet Nigel, our English hitchhiker

We picked up Nigel in a Welcome Break rest area off the M40 when we arrived in England on Wednesday. He was sitting there all forlorn at the register when I went to pay for my coffee, surrounded by a bunch of stuffed frogs, who are — as everyone knows — absolutely the worst conversationalists, always talking about the state of lilypads these days and how it’s impossible to find a really tasty fly. He was only £2, all of which went to Macmillian Cancer Support, so I took him with me.

He made himself at home right away:

Nigel the Charity Pig has been having quite a nice time for himself, and even when he spends half the day in my bag, it’s still better than having to listen to frogs yammer on.

He’s a bit of a drinker:

Here he is in the actors’ bar at the Dirty Duck, with a photo of my boyfriend Michael Sheen:

Sobering up:

With Andy, the chemist:

(Bonnie and I met Andy last year, when we popped into the chemist’s for something and ended up talking about theater, politics, and tons of other stuff for about 30 minutes. When we walked into the shop again the other day, he said, “Oh, you’re back then,” as if we had been in the day before and perhaps had left something on the counter.)

Nigel is happy to get back to the B&B

for he is exhausted from touring:

More of Nigel’s adventures

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