question of the day: Is Tucker Max the next Tyler Perry?

Dan Kois at New York magazine’s Vulture blog wonders about Tucker Max’s destiny:

Max, when asked after a screening what mainstream studios think of him and his movie, answered, “No one in Hollywood gives a shit about us until we make money.” And in that respect, if his movie succeeds and becomes even a modest hit, he has set himself up for a particular kind of success. He’s set himself up to become the next Tyler Perry.

And like Perry, Max serves a niche audience that major studios can have trouble reaching. In Perry’s case, it was middle-class blacks, a group Hollywood had mostly given up on. For the young people who make up Max’s fan base, that’s never been an issue; in fact, you might complain that nearly every movie made today is designed to appeal to under-25s. But they’re an audience that’s never been big on brand loyalty, and Max is one of the first entertainers to capture and hold their attention on the Internet — and then translate that attention into real kids spending real dollars. (His book has spent years on the Times best-seller list, and, according to Max, his publisher, Citadel, printed its millionth copy this summer.) Like Tyler Perry, Tucker Max is a brand — a name with real resonance among his target audience, which views him as a “hero,” as one fan told the L.A. Times.

Can there possibly be a Tyler Perry-type filmmaker who caters to audiences that Hollywood is already catering to? Could I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell really be the vanguard of a new kind of movie appealing to young people? Max apparently thinks so (according to Vulture):

“Hollywood has been trying to do a guy movie for 30 years, and they’ve never really gotten it,” he says. “They’re all lame.”

What do you think? Is Tucker Max the next Tyler Perry?

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