question of the day: Will you watch ‘Freshmen,’ or are you already starting to ignore it?

When I read about Freshmen, I thought, This is so perfectly ridiculous and so perfectly perfect for the inanity that is the American sitcom, it’s shocking that no one has thought of it before. From Variety:

Sitcom scribe Greg Malins (“Friends”) has partnered with Huffington Post maven Arianna Huffington to develop a sitcom for ABC set in the world of politics.

“Freshmen” revolves around a group of three newly elected members of Congress — two men and one woman — who wind up sharing an apartment in Washington.

“I’ve always been a political guy, following all that stuff, and I always knew I wanted to do a show there,” Malins said. “But I hadn’t found the way in, the thing that would give me that show. But once I discovered that members of Congress often live together, I said, ‘there’s your show right there.'”

“Freshman’s” characters will come from all walks of the political world — one left-leaning, one right-leaning and one independent. But Malins doesn’t plan to dwell on the characters’ party affiliations, although he said it will be clear who’s a Democrat or a Republican.

The characters’ backgrounds will also be varied: One has a wife back home, while one is single and a third is just recently divorced.

Oh my god. It’s Three’s Company meets The Odd Couple on Capitol Hill.

Will you watch Freshmen, or are you already starting to ignore it?

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