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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

caption this! image from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Fun for Wednesdays! We look at an image from an upcoming movie and write snarky, witty, or otherwise entertaining captions for it. No prizes, it’s just for fun.

Just the thought of Spike Jonze doing Maurice Sendak has me doing a Snoopy dance:

Warner Bros. tells us about the flick:

Innovative director Spike Jonze collaborates with celebrated author Maurice Sendak to bring one of the most beloved books of all time to the big screen in “Where the Wild Things Are,” a classic story about childhood and the places we go to figure out the world we live in.

The film tells the story of Max, a rambunctious and sensitive boy who feels misunderstood at home and escapes to where the Wild Things are. Max lands on an island where he meets mysterious and strange creatures whose emotions are as wild and unpredictable as their actions.

The Wild Things desperately long for a leader to guide them, just as Max longs for a kingdom to rule. When Max is crowned king, he promises to create a place where everyone will be happy. Max soon finds, though, that ruling his kingdom is not so easy and his relationships there prove to be more complicated than he originally thought.

Where the Wild Things Are opens in the U.S. on October 16, and in the U.K. on December 11.

Visit the film’s IMDB page or official site for more info.

Caption away…

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  • Christina

    I hate to be a wet blanket about this, but do we really need yet ANOTHER “magical boy” movie where young males are told that they’ll always be in charge?


    I’m the Magical Boy, you’re the Adoring Handmaiden, get me my f&^*ing breakfast NOW, slave!

    These young males grow up to be older males, and we all have to deal with their inner images of themselves as King Of The Realm. Why is it never a young FEMALE who winds up running things?

  • Woman: Why are you wearing that rabbit suit?

    Boy: Why are you wearing that human suit?

  • “Prelude to a Projectile Vomiting”

  • Momoirotsubasa

    “Always eat the center of the oreo first- ALWAYS!”

  • “No! I won’t wear my Haley Joel Osment pajamas!”

  • Dan

    So what if I AM the youngest person at the International Furries Convention? I’m still going, and YOU can’t stop me, dinner or NO dinner!!

  • bitchen frizzy

    “No, you’ll have some of this nice rabbit food for breakfast. Trix are for kids.”

  • Jester

    “My father had for years labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a girl.

    And I was fucking tired of it.”

  • Guido

    I don’t care what hasenpfeffer is, I am NOT getting in that pot!

  • Jan Willem

    @Christina: Wow, what a magnificent way to miss the point entirely. Call me stupid, but I would have expected women to be in favour of little boys learning to restrain and channel their unruly emotions – for surely that’s what Max’s rule over the Wild Things represents, not any macho hegemony over submissive females.

    Sorry, no caption. Just had to get this off my chest.

  • “Look I’ve seen Fatal Attraction, I know about bunny boiling and I’m not getting into the pot”

  • Lea

    Maybe, Jan Willem, YOU have missed the point.
    I agree with Christina, but disagree that she is a ‘wet blanket’, nor that she needs to preface her comments so, in order to placate certain fragile egos.
    Why not, for once, a movie about a young girl learning to ‘restrain and channel’ HER ‘unruly emotions’?
    Young boys (and girls) learning self restraint should be a natural expectation and not some benevolent favour for which we should somehow be grateful.
    Apologies, no snarky caption, just snarky comments.

  • bitchen frizzy

    a) Have you or Christina even read the book? Your interpretation – or at least her interpretation – is way off.

    b) The movie is an adaptation of the book. The main character in the book is a boy. I guess they could have remade the character into a girl, but why be so tiresomely PC?

    c) “Young boys (and girls) learning self restraint should be a natural expectation and not some benevolent favour for which we should somehow be grateful.”

    It has to be taught. If it was a “natural expectation” than there’d be no spoiled brats and no abusive or domineering assholes in the world. Books like the one this movie is based on are teaching aids.

  • Lea

    Interpretation is everything.

    General comments reflect frustration with status quo, with this movie used as example.

    Well aware of book/film connection; neither advocated gender change for this specific movie: clue, use of indirect article ‘a’ as in ‘a movie’ not ‘this movie’ in comments.

    Learning implies teaching, this is self evident.
    We SHOULD have a NATURAL expectation that all LEARN self restraint in a civilised society.

    You confuse expectation with occurrence.
    Yes, assholes exist, never claimed they didn’t.
    Assholes and their behaviour should be the exception, not the norm; we should expect better.

    Reality may not conform to the above, but we do not owe gratitude to potential or actual assholes for choosing to play nice.

  • Grinebiter

    we do not owe gratitude to potential or actual assholes for choosing to play nice.

    We are all of us potential assholes. So nobody gets any gratitude, ever?

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