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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Plan 9 from Outer Space”

Yes, it’s the whole damn movie, which you might want to watch in advance of the non-cheesy remake, Plan 9… or just because it’s probably the most gloriously awful movie ever made.

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  • Jurgan

    Maybe you should include a link to the Rifftrax.

  • Just remember, human minds are… too advanced. But all we of earth are idiots, with our stupid minds! Stupid! (glances about) Eros, dammit man, you praise us with one hand and dismiss us with the other. No wonder we’re confused…

  • Grinebiter

    A few years ago I was given to see this, projected from a laptop onto a tablecloth onto the wall of a restaurant. Certain things then made sense to me, like why some people in my youth had lurched around with a corner of their jacket over their faces…..

    And yet the film got one thing right. Was this not the first to break with the assumption that the aliens were the bad guys, the first to suggest — in its confused way — that the galactic monsters might in fact be us?

  • Dart

    Man. Even for a totally incompetent film with a dozen prop and continuity errors, including errors in the way normal people behave (why does the main couple live right next door to a cemetery, and continue to do so even after the woman is attacked by a zombie?), “Plan 9” is so BORING.

    As seen in the Tim Burton film, Ed Wood had the vision. The message – that our overreaching will lead to the death of us – shows that he understood something about the human condition. It could’ve been delivered in the subtext, but instead it’s delivered by one of the alien “creatures.”

  • Brian

    @Grinebiter — The Day the Earth Stood Still delivered that message eight years earlier, in a rather more polished way (rubber-suited Gort notwithstanding).

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