question of the day: Who should host the Oscars?

Hugh Jackman has announced that he won’t be repeating his Oscar hosting duties again for the upcoming 2010 ceremony, according to E! Online — though he hasn’t ruled out a return in a later year:

Jackman’s quiet exit doesn’t mean he won’t one day become this generation’s Billy Crystal. His rep confirmed to E! News that he has not ruled out a return to the Oscar stage, but just didn’t want to emcee for two consecutive years.

So who should fill Jackman’s shoes for the next Oscars? Someone with just as much razzle-dazzle? Someone who’s the flip side of Jackman, lower-key and less of a showman?

The Oscars don’t seem to like snark, but I’d love to see Jon Stewart host again, or maybe John Hodgman. It seems unlikely the Academy will go in that direction again, though. If only more Americans knew who he was, I’d say David Tennant would make a great emcee.

What do you think? Who should host the Oscars?

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