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question of the day: Who should host the Oscars?

Hugh Jackman has announced that he won’t be repeating his Oscar hosting duties again for the upcoming 2010 ceremony, according to E! Online — though he hasn’t ruled out a return in a later year:

Jackman’s quiet exit doesn’t mean he won’t one day become this generation’s Billy Crystal. His rep confirmed to E! News that he has not ruled out a return to the Oscar stage, but just didn’t want to emcee for two consecutive years.

So who should fill Jackman’s shoes for the next Oscars? Someone with just as much razzle-dazzle? Someone who’s the flip side of Jackman, lower-key and less of a showman?

The Oscars don’t seem to like snark, but I’d love to see Jon Stewart host again, or maybe John Hodgman. It seems unlikely the Academy will go in that direction again, though. If only more Americans knew who he was, I’d say David Tennant would make a great emcee.

What do you think? Who should host the Oscars?

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  • Tina Fey.

  • Cori Ann

    Well, there’s always Neil Patrick Harris. He seems to be on a hosting kick these days. That would certainly be entertaining.

  • Anne-Kari

    I’m still holding out hope that Jackman will change his mind, but does anyone remember when Steve Martin hosted? He was great – scathingly funny.

  • AlsoKT

    We were talking about Oscar hosts last night with my 13 year old sister – she was looking at the cover of a DVD starring Billy Crystal, and she said, “He looks a lot different from when he was in The Princess Bride.” It seems she didn’t realise that Miracle Max involved a wig and some latex.

    My parents and I all boggled at each other. How is it, we cried, she doesn’t know Billy Crystal as, y’know, Billy Crystal? The personality, the comedian, the king of the Oscar medley? Billy effing Crystal?! Darn kids these days!

    Anyway, because I think Eddie Izzard would be stifled by the format, I nominate Hugh Laurie. But only if he brings along his buddy Stephen.

  • misterb

    How about Oprah? Then she could do this whole thing with Dave Letterman and Jay Leno: “Dave, Jay” “Jay, Dave”

    But best of all, as an African-American woman, she could break the last ceiling in American TV.

  • LaSargenta

    I would watch every moment of the Oscars for the first time evah if Eddie Izzard would emcee.

    I’ll bet he would somehow manage 6 amazing and FABULOUS costume changes and his introductions would be memorable. In fact, within 24 hours, at least half of them would be redone as Lego animation and posted on you tube.

  • For me it would have to be Janeane Garofalo as her sarcasm would make for some entertaining viewing.

  • sb

    But best of all, as an African-American woman, she could break the last ceiling in American TV.

    Whoopi Goldberg has hosted the Oscars several times, so I don’t see what ceiling Oprah would be breaking here.

    I’d love to see Steve Martin again, but maybe I’m not the best judge: I actually liked Letterman.

  • Dawn

    Anyone – as long as it’s not Ricky Gervais!

  • chuck

    If you really want to set the place on fire, and I mean a real barn burner, and have something to talk about for the next few years there is this choice:
    Glen Beck. I’d pay money to see it, who cares who wins what.

  • I personally think Billy Crystal hasn’t been beat; he has just that right combination of comedian/one-of-the-Hollywood-gang, and he can sing.

    I think Robin Williams might do well. Or Nathan Lane. Tina Fey might work too, but perhaps she’s not quite Hollywood enough…

  • Paul

    I think any comedian who won’t let his or her ego get in the way of the job or be mean spirited would be fine.

    Glen Beck: cough:hack:gag: oh the pain: must – change – channel – does – not – change – must – pull – plug – does – not – turn – off – must – find – sledgehammer – HULK SMASH TV!

    I’m only half joking. I swear, whenever I subject myself to FOX, I get this Hulk reaction and want to smash their studio into matchsticks. or just make them take an ethics in journalism course (I’m defining “journalism” very broadly, of course). Of course, I feel the same way about stubborn computers and being stood up on dates. Do you think I have issues?

    On the other hand, if Beck was hosting the Oscars, I suppose I could set up a betting pool on how long it took for him to be lynched by the actors.

  • allochthon

    oooh, Nathan Lane++!

  • Kate

    Jon Stewart
    Ricky Gervais
    Tina Fey

  • I heard the Oscars are want to diversify this year by having a white Jewish host.

  • Chuck

    Glen Beck: cough:hack:gag: oh the pain: must – change – channel – does – not – change – must – pull – plug – does – not – turn – off – must – find – sledgehammer – HULK SMASH TV!

    Exactly why it would be memorable. Contrast is the spice. A bunch of whiny sniveling liberals locked in a room with a loud mouth conservative. It’s the contrast. Like sweet and sour sauce, Fried ice cream, Martin and Lewis, a room full of kittens and one coyote, a comfortable pair of jeans with a badger inside.

    But yeah I can see why you despise Beck so much, here’s a quote from Beck regarding the twin towers that came from a Setp 17 2009 Time Magazine article –
    “Let me tell you something. I believe that if it were up to you or me, just regular schmoes in America, the Freedom Tower would have been done years ago. And it wouldn’t have been the Freedom Tower; it would have been the Freedom Towers — because we would’ve built both of these towers back the way they were before! Except we would’ve built them stronger! We would’ve built them in a way that they would’ve resisted attack. And you know what? My guess is they would’ve been 25 stories taller, with a big, fat ‘Come and Try That Again’ sign on top. We would’ve built it with our bare hands if we had to, because that’s what Americans do. When we fail, when we face a crisis, we pull ourselves up and make things better. I believe the only reason we haven’t built it isn’t because of Americans. It’s because we’re being held back. And who is holding us back? Politicians. Special-interest groups. Political correctness. You name it — everybody but you.”

    Stuff like that really makes you want to smash the TV.

  • Shaun

    If Leslie Nielsen is too old, I’ll have to default to Conan Obrien. Sans Triumph though.

  • t6

    I’d like to see Whoopi back in the hosting seat.

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