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screencap Friday: what the flick? #96

Friday fun! Here’s a screen capture from one of the DVDs in my collection (and it’s definitely from a movie, not a TV show). Guess the movie for fun and, well, fun. No prizes, just bragging rights. But hey: one guess per comment — no fair hogging all the guesses.

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  • Chris

    Slumdog Millionaire

  • JT


  • markyd

    I agree with Chris. Slumdog.

  • Jason M.

    City Of God?

  • Jurgan

    I’m thinking an Indiana Jones. The only one with a little kid is Temple of Doom, so let’s go with that.

  • Cate

    The Kite Runner?

  • bats :[

    Hideous Kinky

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark?

    Because it appears to be set in the Mideast and that’s the one movie set there that I know for sure MaryAnn has on DVD.

  • Mike

    Since Raiders has been guessed, I’ll go with my second choice, “The Life of Brian”

  • MaryAnn

    Oh, goodie, I finally found a hard one.

    No one’s close, though *Life of Brian* has a certain warmness to it, from a certain perspective.

  • Jester

    Chris got it, I think. Slumdog.

  • The Last Temptation of Christ?

  • Jester

    Hm, not Slumdog? And Life of Brian is close-ish? I can’t imagine MAJ owning Passion of the Christ, so I’ll guess Gandhi.

  • Mo

    Hmm… is it that Keisha Castle-Hughes movie- The Nativity Story?

  • Eric

    The Exorcist?

  • JoshDM


  • doa766

    oliver twist (rapist version)

  • Scott

    Time Bandits?

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

  • MaryAnn

    It is not *Slumdog.* It is *Time Bandits.* Scott wins.

  • Scott

    Thank you, this is a great honor! Back-to-back “screencap Friday” wins! I’d like to thank the members of the Academy …

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