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turning off obnoxious ads

I’ve just turned off some of the obnoxious ads that have been running here lately, including those awful “get ripped” ads — honestly, the guys all look better in their “before” pix — and all of the dieting ads. I’m just totally sick of looking at this crap all the time, and I don’t want youse guys all having to look at it either. Even if it means taking a hit on ad revenue. (If you appreciate this, click through an Amazon link here the next time you’re going to buy something there — it costs you nothing extra but I get a little kickback.)
Reader LaSargenta just emailed me about some truly awful ads that I hadn’t even seen — not everything shows up on my end — and I turned those off, too. (They had to do with “rating” women based on their physical attributes, which is so fucking disgusting I wish I could do something more than just click them off.) Please: If you see an ad that is especially obnoxious or annoying or disgusting, let me know my emailing me at thechick@flickfilosopher.com, because I may not be aware of it. If I agree with you about the vomit-worthiness of the ad, I’ll turn it off.

As I noted in comments somewhere recently, if ever there comes a moment when I’m independently wealthy and don’t need to rely on ad revenue from this site, I will remove all the ads. I promise. Till then, I really don’t have a choice — some ads have to run here. But there is a limit.

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