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Canadian readers having problems with the site?

Could be a coincidence, but I’ve heard from two readers in Canada this week about site-loading issues. One is about a particular ad for Telus breaking the site formatting (though I cannot find a Telus ad in the ad rotation; I’d turn it off it I could). The other appears to be a matter of the style sheet not loading at all, which is a new problem that has cropped up only in the past few weeks. Nothing substantial has changed on the site in that time, and I’m having a helluva time figuring out what’s wrong.

Anyway, if you’re in Canada — or anywhere else, for that matter — and are having major issues with the site, please let me know. Screengrabs of the problem are helpful — please email them to me, if you can.

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  • caro

    Hello MAJ,

    I viewed your site perfectly a few times in the last few days on Mac and PC with no problems,

    Caro in MTL, Canada

  • GRJ

    I’m here several times a day, ordinarily, and think I have had a page load strangely at least once. Reloaded correctly when I refreshed though, I’m sure, as I didn’t think enough of it to really take note.

    I’ll watch out for a problem and send a screenshot if I see anything.

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