DVDs to give: ‘The Haunted Airman,’ ‘How to Be,’ ‘Little Ashes’


There are always way too many DVDs coming in than I possibly ever review, but since ’tis the season to be giving, I thought it was worth pointing out some of them to you, in case you’re stuck for gift ideas for the people on your list. (Or even to give as gifts to yourself. My own Christmas shopping does tend to drift into “one for you, one for me” if I don’t consciously tamp down that impluse.) And there’s still time to order DVDs from Amazon and get them in time for Christmas — ah, the beauty of express shipping.

The Twilight movie saga has a lot to answer for… not the least of which is foisting upon us rabid Robert Pattinson fangirls. It could be worse, I suppose: Pattinson at least seems like a nice guy. Whether he can actually act is another question — and one that his fans don’t care about. As long as he looks mopey and tormented onscreen, it’s all good, as far as they’re concerned.

So the Team Edward members will love the BBC production The Haunted Airman, a short film based on on the Dennis Wheatley novel The Haunting of Toby Jugg. Pattinson plays a wheelchair-bound WWII pilot who is taken to a remote Welsh hospital to recuperate from his injuries, where he is plagued by nightmares and hallucinations, which may or may not be caused by his (might-be) evil doctor, or maybe his aunt, whose attentions are a tad too solicitous: if it’s possible to pornify a woman running her fingers through a man’s hair, the film manages it. The girls will swoon.

In How to Be, Pattinson mopes some more as a wannabe musician who can’t get a break, has just been dumped by his girlfriend, and still lives at home with his parents. Plus: he has even more hair for fingers to run through, and he sings! Be prepared for squealing.

As a bonus in both of the aforementioned films, Pattinson gets to use his own English accent, which is always nice extra fodder for dreamy fangirls to latch onto.

And then there’s Little Ashes (my review is here), in which Pattinson sports a fake Spanish accent as painter Salvador Dali. Much more important to the Team Edward brigade: tasteful romantic nudity and boy-on-boy kissing. Hoorah!

The Haunted Airman
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How to Be
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Little Ashes
[buy at Amazon (Region 1)] [buy at Amazon (Region 2)]

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