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how to find a real IMAX theater, and avoid the fake ones

Earlier this year, I wrote about the growing fan outrage over the retrofitted 35mm screens that now bear the label IMAX but aren’t anything like what we’ve come to expect from the format. I also wrote, earlier today, about how I saw very little difference between Avatar in IMAX 3D and Avatar in non-IMAX 3D.

If you really do want to indulge in the extra cost for IMAX — for Avatar or for any other film — then I implore you to be sure that you’re paying for a genuine IMAX experience. The independent trade journal of large-format cinema LF Examiner has put together these Google Maps that give you all the details of every screen labeled IMAX in the United States or Canada… with an explanation of why some screens are better than others.

Even the official IMAX site doesn’t give you this info… and with good reason. They don’t want you to know that you’re not always getting what you pay for.

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