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question of the day: What’s your favorite movie-related iPod/iPhone app?

I recently downloaded the IMDB iPod/iPhone app, and it’s fantastic, and absolutely perfect for settling arguments — Who was that guy in that movie? — when you’re in a bar or restaurant, where such questions most often seem to arise.

But apart from iRentMovie — which lets me update my Netflix queue from my iPod Touch — I’m not aware of really cool movie-related apps. Oh, sure, there are lots of games and promotional apps tied in to new movie releases, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m looking for apps that help me as a movie lover.

Help me out: What’s your favorite movie-related iPod/iPhone app?

As a bonus, here’s another question to consider: What would your dream movie app do?

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  • David

    The app I use on my pre (probably on the iPlatforms as well) is Flixster. It tells me what movies are opening this week, box office numbers from last weekend, showtimes for theaters in my area, upcoming release dates (both theater and DVD), a search for movies and actors who are in them, and rotten tomatoes percentages for all of it. I find it very useful for planning weekends and solving conversations.

  • Yeah, I use a similar app on my iPhone called Now Playing. Basically the same idea, plus you can choose to buy ticked from it, and it’ll bounce you over to Fandango’s site. There’s actually a Fandango app too, but I found it rather crappy.

  • Kirpatty

    I’ve been using “Now Playing”. It’s an app that gives you movie times for theaters in any given area; movie synopsis, reviews, and trailers for released and upcoming movies as well as for movies recently or soon to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray and allows you to add any of these or even new released films to your netflix que.  Also the app allows you to completely manage your netflix que.  Pretty cool.

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