apology to Edmund Druilhet, filmmaker

In response to a Web Video of the Day I posted back in April, I just received this email from the maker of that video, who also appears in it:

Subject: MarryAnn URGENT, Criminal,Unlawful Slander of me take it off now!!!!!!!! Edmund Druilhet

MaryAnn Johanson,

I am Edmund Druilhet, Producer Madoff, Made off with America Feature Film Comming out in 2 months I have been seen on ABC, NBC,CBS CNBC,Insider, ET, and 20 more Prime time global news programs recently and also have a Law Enforcement show, “Fugitives From Justice” on Fox Affiliates This was in conjunction with Many federal agencys which protect America. In addition I am the reciever of the Congressional award 600 for Humanitarian Efforts and Film Making just last month see my video of ceremony here: http://satanofwallstreet.com/main/index.php/media/93-edmund-druilhet-gets-congressional-award

You have caused me incredible damage hurt and pain in my professional career and personal life by lieing about me by maliciously attacking me and I quote the proof below From My IMDB Page:

And when he does touch on Madoff, it’s all about the Jews and how evil they are. (See link Below)


Question MaryAnn, where is the facts of me saying this anywhere in your source you Identified Film Stew.


I demand that you remove this with in 48 hours and appologise publicly and I might think about not suing you and adding you to my documentary which will be out after movie and my book in 3 weeks. Lieing to distroy someone is against the law in America, Even in 2010. I assure you you attacked the wrong guy.

My mother has Jewish Blood and I openly support Jews and Rabbis which will appear in my film very soon. I am deeply deeply Offended and I am aware of who you are working for.

I will turn this over to my Civil rights attorneys in order to get justice if I dont get a response and see removed in 48 hours and a public apology.

I attached 2 pictures so you dont confuse me with any other person, do not publish them. One is with a dear friend of 25 years And Top Zionist contributor

in the world Severin Wunderman in case you doubt my connections and love for truth. Copyright Edmund Druilhet.

Im very serious,

Edmund Druilhet

So I watched the video again, and in response, I sent Mr. Druilhet the following:

Mr. Druihet:

Obviously, I misinterpreted this exchange in your own trailer:


INTERVIEWER: “Are we taking about a man who [has] literally screwed his own people?”

DRUILHET: “It seems to be the case…. Never before has someone taken so much money from the Jewish people. More than even Adolf Hitler.”

INTERVIEWER: “He massacred the monetary value of all of the property owned by most of the Jews in America, in a certain way. I mean, Spielberg, he was suckered in. You would think, never in the world would Spielberg get suckered in by somebody with a name like Madoff.”


as yet another of the typical slurs against the Jews, about how they supposedly own America. True, those are the invisible and anonymous interviewer’s words, but since they appear in a trailer of your own making, I don’t think it was unreasonable to assume that you endorse what this interviewer says.

I see now that your trailer is instead engaging in exploring other strange ideas about the Jews, such as that they should somehow be immune to hurting other Jews, and that they should somehow be able to spot other Jews that wish to do them harm.

I’m truly sorry that I misinterpreted you.

I will edit my original post, and have posted a new post with an apology.

I can assure you, I work for no one but myself.

Clearly, I was quite wrong about Mr. Druihet’s intentions and beliefs, and I sincerely apologize for that.

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