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oh-no DVD of the week: ‘Bridal Fever’ or ‘God Send Me a Man’?

Oh, I can’t decide which one I hate more! Could it be God Send Me a Man, from Tyler Perry’s brother Emmbre Perry?

Stacy is a promiscuous 20-something woman who is quick to judge those around her and has nothing but bad luck in love. One day Stacy decides to re-evaluate her life in the hopes of finding Mr. Right. Realizing that her loose ways are setting a bad example to her younger siblings she decides to attend prayer service and forms a bound with God that is sure to bring happiness and balance in her life.

Because the Almighty’s got nothing else better to do than find Stacy a boyfriend!

Or could it be Bridal Fever?

An editor (Andrea Roth) looking for a husband is advised by her new client, a famous romance novelist (Delta Burke) whose personal life outshines fiction. But once her search nears fruition, Gwen (Roth) must decide if true love comes from a formula or from a more unexpected place.

Oh, we women are just hopeless when it comes to finding a man, which is particularly weird, because we spend our lives doing nothing else but trying to find a man. You’d think we’d be good at it by now!

God Send Me a Man
[buy at Amazon U.S.]    [buy at Amazon Canada]

Bridal Fever
[buy at Amazon U.S.]    [buy at Amazon Canada]

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