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question of the weekend: What alcohol can you never drink again?

This weekend’s question comes from the conversation-starting game Table Topics Not Your Mom’s Dinner Party edition [Amazon U.S.]:

What alcohol can you never drink again?

I gotta go with apple schnapps, which I drank waaay too much of at a friend’s birthday party a couple of years ago, something I will never ever do again. Not drink too much: I’ll do that again, I’m sure. I just won’t ever drink too much apple schnapps again.

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  • Okay, let me paint the picture: I’m 18, and my little brother and his best friend raid his mom’s liquor cabinet to take back to our house, because our dad was away on business. But, the best friend was nervous about getting caught, so he blindly grabbed whatever and didn’t turn on the light, for fear of waking his mom.
    That night, we got drunk on an unholy medly of whiskey*, plastic-bottle-gin, creme de menthe and some clear, fruity liqueur I still can’t identify.
    I had mostly creme de menthe, and to this DAY, 12 years later, I cannot stomach the thought. I didn’t even get a hangover. I just…can’t drink it. Ew.

    *At least, I think it was whiskey. It was very strong and amber colored, and I didn’t know anything about booze at 18. I guess it could’ve been bourbon or dark rum.

  • Keith

    Pretty much everything. I have chronic pain problems and alcohol makes it worse. Otherwise, there really isn’t anything I got so sick on I swore I would never touch again. Got pretty close on taquila once in Mexico, but not as bad as my friend did. He couldn’t drink taquila again after that.

  • David

    Hot Damn 100
    We called it “The Devil’s Drink”, and that evil stuff made me do many regretful things while under the influence.
    I swore it off completely after the final strip club incident.

  • Grape Jack. I’ll spare you the details except I was fifteen, had never been drunk before and never have since.

  • Rob

    When I was about 18, I got very drunk very quickly on cranberry and vodka to the point that I couldn’t drink either for years without feeling nauseated. Now, I can drink the juice, as well as very smooth vodka, but it took a long time.

  • i have to second the “apple shooters.” the chick knows why.

  • Joe

    Hands down, Southern Comfort, can’t even smell that shit

  • luddite

    Rum and coke, and scotch!

  • Alli

    Ice 101, which is a disgusting, cheap Peppermint Schnapps that may only be available in West Virginia for all I know.

  • Patrick

    Bacardi Rum. I was a sheltered 16 year old who had been trapped at a horrible fundamentalist Christian school my whole life and I was ready to explode. My parents went out of town and, having no idea what to buy, I ended up with Bacardi 151. It was a great night but a very bad next day. It has been 27 years since then and I still can’t imagine having Bacardi Rum again. It was worth it, though.

  • Les Carr

    Côtes du Rhône. I was at a conference dinner in 1997 on board HMS Warrior in Portsmouth, but the dinner and entertainment finished about 2 hours before we were allowed to get off the ship. There were extensive supplies of red wine, and a friend and I just drank bottle after bottle for those two hours. I’d never been drunk before, and never have since. I still can’t look a bottle of Côtes du Rhône in the face.

  • RyanT

    Anything coconut flavored… or ginger infused. I just can’t take those flavors with alcohol. And yes, pina colada included.

  • Isobel

    Tequila. I was at university, had an allergy to something or other and was prescribed antihistamines and the doctor didn’t think to tell a student that antihistamines and alcohol did not mix. Cue studenty night out at the Footage and Firkin, tequila slammers and unholy drunkenness and I will never EVER drink it again! Ever. Ugh.

    Or Diamond White cider (do like proper cider, though).

  • Anne-Kari

    Rum. First thing I ever got drunk on – rum and cokes at Katie’s house when her folks were out of town. I was 14. I puked so much I thought I was going to turn entirely inside out. 28 years later I still cannot stand the stuff.

  • Melissa

    I’m with Anne – rum. Got loaded on it for my 17th birthday, and 17 years later I still can’t even contemplate drinking it.

  • LizeCK

    Gin. And for about five years after that night I couldn’t even prune the juniper bushes in front of my house without hurling.

  • Kimberly

    Gin. And for about five years after that night I couldn’t even prune the juniper bushes in front of my house without hurling.

    Oh…sorry for your pain [trying not to giggle].

    I’m repulsed by scotch after being present for someone else’s intense scotch experience, which also involved strawberry ice cream. Ugh.

  • mortadella

    It was blue and came in a shot glass….uh, that’s all I can remember.

  • misterb

    In my youth they had sweetened wine-like drinks called Boone’s Farm. I shouldn’t have had to drink a whole bottle to be disgusted – but I did anyway.
    Apparently, they still have this, and apparently teenagers are still getting sick on it.

  • PJK

    Since I don’t like the taste of alcohol, I guess I’m the only one here who doesn’t have an great answer to that question.

    I did once go to a school party where they served something called Shandy (which is basically a concoction made from soda drinks and beer) of which I drank 14.

    I remember clearly feeling terribly ill after that.

    This might have contributed to my distaste for alcohol though.

  • Never developed a taste for drinking alcohol at all.

    It was a combination of things. Watching my older brother come home drunk and passing out in the bathroom about 3 different times killed any romantic illusions about it being fun. But it was the smell. I get the glass or bottle close enough and my nose reacts and… eh, can’t get myself to even sip it.

  • Well for me that’s all alcohol because of the medication I am on. But even if I could drink it would have to be Newcastle Brown, as it’s the only drink where I have been violently ill from drinking due to a night of binging on it. Shame as before that night I use to enjoy it.

  • Rumpleminz. And some 15 years later I still get sick just smelling peppermint.

  • lunarangel01

    Hahaha… Funny topic.

    I can’t drink Jose Cuervo anymore. Not after my 23rd birthday when all of my grad school friends decided to start buying me shots of it. Nope. I just smell that stuff and my stomach starts doing flips.

  • ren

    Watermelon vodka. The only time I’ve ever actually gotten sloshed, and now I can’t even look at it in the store.

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