trailer break: ‘Sherlock Holmes’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

In case you got confused and thought this was the Guy Ritchie movie, it isn’t. This is the Sherlock Holmes movie with dinosaurs. And robots. And steampunk battle armor. And sea monsters. And girls with guns.

Well, that other Sherlock Holmes had girls with guns, too.

Gee, but it’s kinda funny how Asylum Entertainment’s films often somehow seem to get mistaken for other movies. Like Alien vs. Hunter, starring William Katt, which totally isn’t Alien vs. Predator. Or The Da Vinci Treasure, starring C. Thomas Howell, which — hello! — is absolutely not The Da Vinci Code. I mean, duh! Or I Am Omega, starring Mark Dacascos, which is soooo not I Am Legend that it’s not even funny. Why would people keep making such mistakes?

No one, on the other hand, mistakes Asylum’s Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus for anything other than what it is.

Anyway, this is where genre actors go when their One Big Shot dies: RIP the careers of Enterprise’s Dominic Keating and Torchwood’s Gareth David-Lloyd as Watson. We hardly knew ya. And Ben Syder: Welcome to the ass end of cinema.

Sherlock Holmes is now available on DVD in Region 1 from Amazon U.S.; it will be released on Region 1 DVD in Canada on February 23, and is available for preorder; no U.K. DVD release has been announced.

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