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which Doctor are you?

Not sure which Doctor you are? (Which Doctor Who, that is — duh.) Virgin Media has the definitive quiz that will, once and for all, settle the question of whether you’re a cricket-playing celery eater or a jelly baby-eating scarf wearer. You know you’re dying to find out.

I am, I am told, Christopher Eccleston. Which sounds just fine to me.

(via bronxbee by email, via Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy)

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  • I got David Tennant, in yo face!

  • Keith

    David Tennant:

    Your sharp, irreverent humour both amuses and exasperates people. You’ve got a roving eye and keen mind – you’re definitely going places…

  • “You are the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

    A confident, popular person, you can be impatient and some people consider you to be eccentric.”

  • Apparently I am the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

    A confident, popular person, I can be impatient and some people consider me to be eccentric. Yes, that’s me exactly. ;-)

  • Hank Graham

    Paul McGann.

    Figures; I’m a hopeless romantic.

  • Kenny

    I am also David Tennant.. woohoo!

  • RyanT

    Hm. That’s weird.

    I took this quiz a couple hours ago and I got the Fifth Doctor. I wanted to comment here who I got, but I forgot his name so I went and did the quiz again with the EXACT SAME ANSWERS and I got David Tennant (Tenth Doctor).

    I call foul.

  • Martin

    Sylvester McCoy.


  • Les Carr

    Looks like RyanT regenerated – and he didn’t want to go!

  • PJK

    The Fifth Doctor (who’s adventures I’ve never seen BTW) is me!

  • Jo

    I’m David Tennant too, but I don’t want to be him – I just want to be extremely close to him!

  • Paul

    I got the fourth Doctor Who.

  • LaSargenta

    Wrestling gets me the fourth doctor?!

  • jules

    Chris Eccleston – pity, I was hoping for Pat Troughton or Colin Baker

  • RyanT

    Touche, Les Carr. Touche.

    Took the quiz again this morning and at least it agreed with my second result. I’m then Tenth Doctor. And clearly, I don’t want to go.

  • Althea

    Everybody has a “real” Doctor – presumably whoever was Doctor when they were kids or when they started watching. Mine’s Tom Baker, and by Jove if I didn’t come up Tom Baker in the quiz! I’m so proud.

  • I’m Tom Baker, which I think is charming, since he was “My First Doctor”. You never forget your first.

  • bats :[

    Chris Eccleston — works for me.

  • I’m the Fourth Doctor, even though I carefully avoided answers involving jelly babies. I guess it was my preference for a companion with an enquiring mind that decided it. :)

  • Claire

    I took the quiz twice, the first time I got the fourth Doctor the second time I got the Tenth doctor, I’m happy witht hat combination but that’s awesome! i’m The Tenth Doctor!

    technically my first doctor is Chris Eccleston but David Tennant outshines him in almsot everyway. Chis was excellent, I didn’t know if anyone could be better then David Tennant comes on the screen and I gasp, “He will definitely do I think to myself.

  • Hey, I’m Tennant too! Must be all the cheekiness.

  • Paul

    I wonder why we’re clustered around Tennant and Baker. Is it something about them, or something about us, or something about the sort of people who like Flickfilosopher? Or Doctor Who?

  • @ Paul–or something about the way the quiz is set up. I took it twice and changed several answers and I was Four both times. I could probably make myself Ten by deliberately picking the Ten-ish answers (or what I thought they thought were Ten-ish answers).

    But, to paraphrase what Jo so astutely observed above, I don’t want to BE Ten. I want to DO Ten.

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