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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

because there’s no formula Hollywood can’t beat into the ground

A sequel to Valentine’s Day had already been just about greenlit last week, before it raked in $63 million this past four-day holiday weekend, according to Mike Fleming at Deadline Hollywood:

Little wonder Warner Bros’ New Line is in love with the Garry Marshall-directed Valentine’s Day because of its formula of cramming more than a dozen stars into a film and keeping the budget below $50 million. Now I’m told there’s a sort-of-sequel underway. Valentine’s Day scribe Katherine Fugate has turned in a draft of New Year’s Eve, which Toby Emmerich and Richard Brener are reading this weekend, with Warner Bros bosses to follow shortly.

Now that the movie is a bit hit, that sequel is all but assured.

How long before we get Flag Day, Secretary’s Day, and Lazy Day?

This has been your WTF Thought for the Day.

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  • How long before we get Flag Day, Secretary’s Day, and Lazy Day?

    Someone’s been listening a lot to Spanky & the Gang lately, right? ;-)

  • Victor Plenty

    You forgot Poland.

  • Brian

    Thank goodness that Groundhog Day is already claimed by an excellent film.

  • I’m not sure what Poland has to do with Sweetest Day, Victor, apart from the fact that that day seems to be most popular in states like my native Michigan which have a large population of Polish-Americans. Am I missing something here or am I just too literal for my own damn good?

  • They could set one in Ohio and call it “Sweet’ems’ Day.” I kidd you not, it is Valentine’s Day in October in Ohio. We could have a background of college life, urban impoverishment, and black plight.

  • Eric

    Hey Paul, what part of Ohio have you visited? I was born and raised in northwestern Ohio and I currently live in Cleveland and I’ve NEVER once heard anyone refer to Sweetest Day as “Sweet’ems Day”. And I’m so glad that urban impoverishment and black plight are the first things that come to mind when you think of our fair state. It’s not like we have anything good to be proud of, like beautiful farmlands and natural parks or the #1 team in the NBA or some of the top hospitals (including the highest-ranked heart center) in the nation.

  • Paul

    I went to grad school in Akron, and it was in really bad shape economically. The major factories had been shut down and the jobs sent off to Asia, which is where the rubber for the tire factory was coming probably from anyway. “Sweet’ems Day” might have been my friend’s corruption of the term; it would match her general sense of style.

    Sorry if I offended you. I don’t follow sports and being from Iowa I sort of take farmland and parks as the normal background, but congratulations on the heart center. I hope I never have need to remember that.

  • Victor Plenty

    Tonio, sorry if my joke was a bit too obscure. I was referencing the “You forgot Poland” quote from the Bush Administration era. Poland’s small contingent of troops (compared to American and British troop commitments) in the “Coalition of the Willing” was cited as somehow providing evidence of significant international support for the 2003 Iraq War.

    The comparison came into my head because, in much of the United States, hardly anybody has ever heard of Sweetest Day. (I learned of it only through having some close friends from the Toronto area.) So, in comparison to other crassly commercialized greeting-card-and-chocolate-box holidays, it seemed roughly comparable to Poland’s role in the Iraq War.

    (Clarifying note: I’m not mocking Poland in any way with this joke, only mocking the Bush Administration and overly commercialized holidays.)

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