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I’d love to have people say “Bloody Torchwood” as I drive by…

Ever wanted to tool around town in the Torchwood Range Rover? Here’s your chance:

Captain Jack’s Range Rover from the BBC TV series Torchwood is to be sold at auction later this month, along with a huge selection of props and costumes from Doctor Who.

Fans will be able to snap up iconic memorabilia from the shows, such as costumes worn by the 10th Doctor David Tennant and Two Imperial Daleks from Sylvester McCoy’s time as Doctor in 1988.

The black Torchwood Range Rover is expected to sell for a minimum of £10,000. It has tinted windows, futuristic body kit and bears the “Torchwood” logo on the side.

(via PinkPaper.com)

The auction goes off at Bonhams auction house in London on February 24th.

I bet shipping a Range Rover from London to New York would cost more than the vehicle itself.

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  • O.M.G…. this will effectively take care of my entire weekend’s entertainment — searching for some small object that i can possibly afford from the 10th Doctor series. hopeless dork here.

  • Keith

    It’s make a great Flickfilosopher.com giveaway item. MaryAnn, “Over my dead body!”

  • Anne

    Wow. I wonder if this means what I think it means: no Torchwood season 4?

  • Keith

    Well, the vehicle did get stolen in CoE. What with needing a whole new facility and such. If there is more Torchwood, they’ll probably get something new to drive. Not that we care, as long as there is more Torchwood to come.

  • Operatzi

    I think John BArrowman should buy it! He’s a motorhead and collects cars PLUS he’s a fanboy and loves Doctor Who and playing Captain Jack… I’d bet my paycheck he winds up at least in the bidding! After all, he bought a Renault Avantine (and wrecked it first time out) so I HOPE he does and gets it!

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