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question of the day: How movie-nerd-a-riffic can you get?

Surely I am not the only dork who, upon seeing a picture of the new observation module astronauts just installed on the International Space Station, thought, “Holy crap, they turned the ISS into a TIE fighter!”

And I thought that was pretty nerdy. But it’s not much compared to the lengths some film geeks will go in indulging their . Check out this collection of the best movie scenes set on bridges, or this ode to the science fiction corridor, which is currently my favorite post on the entire Internet.

How movie-nerd-a-riffic can you get? What weird things do you latch on to while watching a movie that you figure no one else even notices?

Things I cannot help but notice: When an actor has pierced ears or is wearing contact lenses that are inappropriate in a period film. Like how Michelle Williams has two holes in one ear in Shutter Island — she’s not wearing earrings in either of them, but to me, the holes in her lobes were obvious. Like how in Theoden’s death scene in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, the camera gets close enough in on Bernard Hill’s face that you can tell — or I can, at least — that the actor was wearing contacts.

If I were gonna do a “I love it!” compendium like the ones about corridors and bridges, I might do “amazing New York apartments,” just out of sheer real estate lust.

Your turn…

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