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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

‘Tales of the Gold Monkey’ coming to DVD in June!

Aviation! Romance! Adventure! Leather jackets! Alcoholism as an adorable character flaw! Fun for all!

It lasted only one season on ABC in 1982-3, but Tales of the Gold Monkey has stuck in my brain as one of the predominant inspirations of the television of my childhood. Because it was a cash-in of the box office megahit of the previous year, Raiders of the Lost Ark, which looms even larger among my formative influences. And now the complete series will finally be released on Region 1 DVD by Shout! Factory on June 8. (Some used joint Region 2/Region 4 copies are available from third-party sellers on Amazon U.K. It was apparently released in this format last November, but it’s odd that no new copies are available.)

Now someone needs to release Bring ’Em Back Alive, and I can die happy.

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  • Lisa

    I vaguely remember this show, like it was a dream. Was it crap?

  • I remember this show too. It was slightly crap (an Egyptian cult in the South Pacific? but hilariously tempered by how they worshiped the human-smart one-eyed dog), but definitely fun. It’s by the same guy who made Quantum Leap and NCIS. What’s really sad is there’s no TV Tropes entry for it. SHAME… :(

  • the rook

    yeah, it followed ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, but the series had more in common with the ‘Terry and the Pirates’ comic strip – even copying key pirates characters like the dragon lady.

    later on, disney copied ‘Tales of the Gold Monkey’ when making tailspin.

  • Gail

    OMG is right! I loved this show. if they just put Voyagers out on DVD, I’ll be good…

  • Gail

    Oh, and Bring ‘Em Back Alive with Bruce Boxleitner? Yes, please!!!

  • Well, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. turned out to be very good despite being a bit of an Indy ripoff, but somehow I doubt TOTGM will be up to the same standard.

    My Netflix queue is way too full right now anyway and besides, I’m way more excited about the new Connie Willis novel. So there. ;-)

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