the ‘Doctor Who’ teasing is killing me!

I’m such a sucker. The slightest sliver of an enticement of a hint about the upcoming Doctor Who — and new Doctor Matt Smith, whom I both love and hate as Gollum loves and hates the Ring — and I’m just a mess of anticipation and excitement and self-recrimination: How could I be such a dork about this show? Why can’t I get a life? When will the Doctor come and take me away in the TARDIS, anyway?

The BBC’s official site for the show is almost completely useless for fans who aren’t in the U.K. There’s some sort of teaser video posted there, but it is “not available in your area,” I’m told. BBC America has posted a teaser video, and it’s totally enraging and enthralling, but I can’t tell, of course, if it’s the same one the BBC has up. Probably it is:

At least I’m not like this guy, who reacted to the teaser at Sci Fi Wire like this:

What garbage. This may entertain the British but for the rest of us the Doctor’s a man’s man not some skinny ass school boy. Bring Charles Ecleson back or least someone with more acting skill then this new LOSER doctor.


Ooo! There’s this, too (which I found at Feeling Listless, which sent me off on a quest that resulted in finding all this other stuff):

(click for a full size version, which is much bigger)

So far, the BBC is saying only that Doctor Who “returns later this year.” Argh!

This has been your OMG Thought for the Day.

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