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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

the ‘Doctor Who’ teasing is killing me!

I’m such a sucker. The slightest sliver of an enticement of a hint about the upcoming Doctor Who — and new Doctor Matt Smith, whom I both love and hate as Gollum loves and hates the Ring — and I’m just a mess of anticipation and excitement and self-recrimination: How could I be such a dork about this show? Why can’t I get a life? When will the Doctor come and take me away in the TARDIS, anyway?

The BBC’s official site for the show is almost completely useless for fans who aren’t in the U.K. There’s some sort of teaser video posted there, but it is “not available in your area,” I’m told. BBC America has posted a teaser video, and it’s totally enraging and enthralling, but I can’t tell, of course, if it’s the same one the BBC has up. Probably it is:

At least I’m not like this guy, who reacted to the teaser at Sci Fi Wire like this:

What garbage. This may entertain the British but for the rest of us the Doctor’s a man’s man not some skinny ass school boy. Bring Charles Ecleson back or least someone with more acting skill then this new LOSER doctor.


Ooo! There’s this, too (which I found at Feeling Listless, which sent me off on a quest that resulted in finding all this other stuff):

(click for a full size version, which is much bigger)

So far, the BBC is saying only that Doctor Who “returns later this year.” Argh!

This has been your OMG Thought for the Day.

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  • Hank Graham

    I can only quote you the Wisdom of the Gaiman, from a tweet Neil Gaiman wrote yesterday:

    (He may not be YOUR Doctor. It’s sometimes your 1st, sometimes your 2nd. But he’s still THE Dr. Er. I think.) (Mine was Troughton.)

  • It does appear to be the same one, at least that is on the BBC Youtube Channel…

  • i have made no secret of the fact that i am distraught with grief and despair over DT leaving DW… nor have i made a secret of the fact that i am prepared to dislike MS as the Doctor (I don’t deny i’ve felt this way before about other “new” Doctors) but i’m sorry, really, is it ME? doesn’t this teaser make MS look like some sort of creature put together from parts out of a kit… was the Doctor ever as pale as a corpse? is it meant to creep you (me) out and make the young (young! he’s almost embryonic!)sort of sexless and off limits? i mean… >>shudder!

  • Sarah

    That is less a teaser than a Daft Punk video.

  • MaryAnn

    But he’s still THE Dr.

    That’s how I feel, too. He’s the Doctor. I won’t be able to not love him.

  • The BBC Doctor Who site is useless for people in the UK, too. It is the last place I would look for up to
    date info. I expect when the air date is confirmed that will the the last website in the world to actually post it.

  • Isobel

    Charles Ecelson! Heee!

    I’m with you Bronxbee – really nervous about Matt Smith as the Doctor. David Tennant was the doctor for me.

    However, I’m going to quell my feeling of dread about this ridiculously young doctor and his even younger companion and watch the first episode and see. It’s just, I quite enjoyed my crush on Doctor David Who. . .

  • jules

    April 3rd, MaryAnn – put that date in your diary. That’s when it premieres in the UK.

  • EnglerP

    Hmm, i liked Tennant, but he got a bit on my nerves in the specials. (Although i didn’t find them bad), so i rather look forward to Smith.

    The best doctor is 6 anyway. ;) (At least in the Big Finish-Audios, though he wasn’t that bad in the show either imho. (It wasn’t Bakers fault that the scripts were mostly subpar).

  • jules


    Finally, another Colin Baker supporter – he’s criminally underrated in my view. He was my first Doctor – my Doctor. I’ve enjoyed most of his stories – I loved Vengeance on Varos and Trial of a Time Lord has a campy charm to it; the Mindwarp section with Sil and Brian Blessed shouting – what’s not to love?

    Along with Pat Troughton and Tom Baker, he’s in my top 3 Doctors’ list.

  • Joanne

    I’ve read April 3rd for the first episode, as per fellow fans on LiveJournal. It’s Easter Saturday, it would make sense.

    I feel horribly fickle but I really like Eleven, so far.

  • XCanuck

    Of course, the one you posted about tells me:
    “The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location.”
    (except in all caps)

    Was this the one you meant?

    It says “this Easter on BBC One”

  • Furry

    Charles Ecleson??

    must be a real fan then eh?

    Christopher Eccleston was MY doctor so imagine how I felt when that hyper, skinny dude took over!!

    being a fan in the US is an adventure all on it’s own!

  • MaryAnn

    April 3rd, MaryAnn – put that date in your diary. That’s when it premieres in the UK.


    Of course, the one you posted about tells me:
    “The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location.”

    Dammit. When will our entertainment overlords catch on to the global nature of the Internet?

    Was this the one you meant?

    That does seem to be the same one.

    He was my first Doctor – my Doctor.

    There does seem to be a strong correlation between the first Doctor who saw and the one you like the best.

  • Another Colin fan here. You think you’ve got it bad, trying to keep up with Who news in the USA? Imagine how I feel – I’m in Cambodia at the moment!

  • Lisa

    Tennant’s like my 3rd or 4th dr but for me he’s still the best!

    Looking forward to the new series but still feeling the empty, aching loss of Ten…

  • LaSargenta

    There does seem to be a strong correlation between the first Doctor who [you] saw and the one you like the best.

    Pertwee was my first, but my favorite is Eccleston with Pertwee and McGann (really the recordings McGann, as the movie was horrid, but it was easy for me to imagine McGann in that role) as tied for very close seconds.

    I actually got really sick of Tennant in the role. Too manic. Reminded me of the worst of Baker.

    *ducks tomatoes*

  • I’m inclined to give the new guy a chance. He reminds me of a rather eccentric, other-worldly guy I had a big crush on who probably should have been an alien with a time machine if there were any justice in the Universe. I appeared on the scene right between Tom Baker and Peter Davison, so they are both my Doctor, but there’s something special about them all.

    And anyway, I’ll forgive anything if Moffat cracks down on the Dalek Overload.

  • I’m atypical then (re: first Doctor = favorite Doctor correlation). Tom Baker was the first Doctor I saw and I was totally turned off by the show. Couldn’t make head nor tail of what was going on or what it was all about. Peter Davison hooked me, and Jon Pertwee landed me. And that was all until 2008 when a skinny Scottish bloke re-hooked me with a vengeance.

    Am very trepidatious about 11, but–he IS the Doctor, so I’ll watch. I fear we may find that a Gallifreyan’s tenth incarnation is his peak, and it’s downhill from there. :( Ah well. I’ll love him even in his declining years. Poor old blighter.

    There are six new 11th Doctor novels available for pre-order and two new audio adventures. I pre-ordered all that stuff when it was Ten. Now? Meh. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t get it.

  • Lisa

    People forget Moffat’s a great writer I’m not fussed on Matt Smith but I’m sure I’ll like Moffat’s dr

  • Keith
  • Keith

    Delaying the US release by two weeks isn’t bad, but like MaryAnn said earlier, you’d think they’d catch up on the global nature of the internet. The true, and internet savey, fans are not going to sit around for those two weeks. They are just shooting themselves in the foot this way.

  • Bill

    Alright, I’ve seen it. For those of you still smarting from the loss of 10 (and trust me, I know how it is as I have a friend who took his departure especially hard), trust me: you may not forget 10, but you will like Smith. And the little nod to his predecessor’s (and especially his immediate predecessor) was a touch.

  • Bill

    Whoops…meant “nice Touch” in the above post.

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