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Okay, so the Tim Tebow anti-abortion Super Bowl ad — which had a lot of people raging mad over CBS’s hypocrisy regarding which ads it accepted for the game, and which it didn’t — has garnered quite a bit of intriguing response. Like these glorious tweets from Erick Erickson, editor in chief of right-wing blog RedState.com:

(For the search engines: “That’s it?!?! That’s what the feminazis were enraged over? Seriously?!? Wow. That’s what being too ugly to get a date does to your brain.”)

I’m pretty pissed off at this, because clearly time travel does exist, and Erickson has journeyed from the late 19th century, when suffragettes were commonly accepted to be the most hideous women on the planet. Where’s my trip in the TARDIS, eh?

(“That’s not smog in Miami. It’s bras burning from the sheer stupidity of the pro-abortion crowd’s reaction to the Tebow ad.”)

See? See? Erickson got a stop in the 1960s, too, in the time before women realized that damn, bras are way too expensive to burn. This is so not fair!

(“Next the feminist groups will lash out at all the commercials praising manly men. They’ll trot out Lorena Bobbit to spade/neuter your man.”)

And Erickson got to go to the 1990s, and to a parallel universe where women get to whack their men in the head with shovel-like implements. It’s not fair! This feminazi wants to spade a man!

This has been your Brain Fail of the Day.

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