the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Nazis – UFO Conspiracy’

This totally proves what that one guy was saying about Stanley Kubrick faking the moon landings!

Was Hitler trying to build a secret weapon that would move like a flying saucer and decimate Allied bombing fleets over Germany? We know that Nazi scientists were experimenting with flying wings as well as building the first ballistic missiles. In Bavaria it seems they were constructing a plane with a circular wing. Nazi UFO Conspiracy reveals the evidence that this flying saucer actually flew. See what it would have looked like and imagine the chaos it would have created amid Allied aircraft.

And then Ike, who was actually a clone of Hitler, took over the Nazi project and brought it to Area 51, where Elvis — who was, as the descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, an Illuminati agent — was in charge. It all makes sense now.

Also: We know that the United States has been researching fusion power for years, so isn’t it likely that the Feds secretly replaced the Sun with an artificial solar device, and it’s going wrong and overheating and that’s what’s causing global warming? Think about it…

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