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bonus trailer break! ‘Doctor Who’ BBC America trailer

In case the new BBC trailer earlier didn’t satisfy:

Because too much Doctor Who is never enough.

“All of time and space. Everything that ever happened, and everything that ever will. Where do you wanna start?”

There’s more of a taste of Amy Pond here, and that’s definitely River Song’s voice at one point…

Doctor Who returns in the U.K. on BBC One on April 3, and in the U.S. on BBC America and in Canada on Space on April 17.

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  • gensing

    It appears they are not letting us foreigners watch this one. :(

    (I did find a couple on youtube, though)

  • Keith

    You can watch it, and some other trailers, here in the US if you go to BBCAmerica.com.

  • Why did they ruin the trailer with that voice over at the end. I thought BBCA used British VO artists on the channel (I haven’t watched in years, so I’m out of touch…)

  • Matthew

    There’s a version that works outside the US here:


  • Isobel

    I think the US trailer is better than the UK one . . . apart from the voiceover at the end. Where do they find these trailer voice people? Who actually speaks like that, and why do they (whomever ‘they’ may be) think that it will draw viewers?

  • Lisa

    cool – thanks for the trailer!

  • Anne-Kari

    OK, that SERIOUSLY upset my daughter. She is not happy one little bit.

    I called her into my office to watch it – I warned her, a long time ago, that the Doctor was going to regenerate again (we haven’t watched the last few episodes of the last season/series yet). And seeing as she accepted and eventually embraced the change from Eccleston to Tennant, I hoped for a similar reaction this time.

    But this time? Here are her first reactions, quoted verbetim as the trailer played on my computer:

    “That’s NOT the Doctor.”
    “NO. I HATE HIM”
    “His hair so stupid!”
    “Is that the new girl? SHE’S STUPID TOO.”
    “I am NOT watching that stupid fake Doctor.”

    Yeaaahhh. I think it’s going to take quite a while for her to warm up to this Doctor… if at all..

  • Ralph

    Matthew, thanks for the link that works outside the US.

    I’m finding Matt Smith to be a lot more appealing than I did initially. From the promotional stills my overriding impression was “But he’s so young and formless!”. In this trailer there’s something intriguingly alien about his face.

  • Matthew

    I think the US trailer is better than the UK one . . .

    BBC America have released their full one minute trailer (they have a thirty second one as well). So far, the BBC have only made their thirty second trailer available. So, at present, there’s twice as much stuff in the US one than the UK one.

    There was a full one-minute UK trailer shown after the press screening. Here’s a description from someone who was there:

    Just watching new Dr Who trailer on internet. It’s a shorter version of the one from the press launch.

    V tired after last 2 days. But off top of head think longer trailer had Roman Centurions, James Corden, Bill Nighy, Van Gogh, Churchill…

    …more dialogue with Doctor and Vampires. Much more River Song. A bit more spitfires in space. Bit more cybermen, I think.


  • Leslie Carr

    In a world without cough syrup, only one man can speak out…

  • @Anne-Kari: Strangely enough, those were *my* exact words too.

    (still sitting on my face since david tennant left — i will never love again)

  • Dave

    Am I the only one not cringing everytime the Weeping Angels show up. I absolutely loved Blink but I am so scared that nothing can live up to that episode that I don’t want them coming back.

  • Mimi

    That’s the first clip of Eleven I’ve seen that hasn’t made me cringe. So… that’s good?

  • nyjm

    BBC America?! no no no NO NO NO NO! oi, I’ve been out of the loop. I don’t get that channel – it’s not even AVAILABLE from my provider.

    *gets out letter writing apparatus* Dear Comcast, I NEED MY DOCTOR.

    BBC America will stream episodes? Yes? Maybe?

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