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At the suggestion of reader Dokeo, I’m trying a little experiment in building traffic and word of mouth for the next couple of weeks. I’m asking regular readers to forward to their friends their favorite FlickFilosopher.com post from the past week. These are some of my own favorites, if I may make so bold:
watch it: Japanese cat commercial

Repo Men (review)

trailer break: ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’

why didn’t they just ask, “Would you like to shag David Tennant?”

question of the day: What actors who should be working (or working more) make you wonder, Hey, whatever happened to them?

the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Hello Kitty’s Paradise Minding Manners & 5 Other Stories’

because no one smoked or swore in the 1960s

question of the day: Which historical figures should we plunder as action heroes (and who should play them)?

(See here for complete list of March’s posts.)

Obviously, I’m not asking that you annoy people who wouldn’t be interested in such nonsense as the crap I post here. But if there is someone you know who might be intrigued and isn’t already readng FlickFilosopher.com, why not send ’em a link?

I’m hoping to integrate into the in-progress upgrade of the site unobtrusive ways to Digg posts here, and otherwise recommend them via social networking. Stay tuned…

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  • Christy

    Done and done! I posted to my FaceBook, since I’m much more likely to get a response through there than e-mail. I used the shagging David Tennant post, because it’s a legitimate question. Inquiring minds want to know!

  • I Facebooked “‘Knowing’ versus ‘Left Behind,’ Part II.” I had wanted to review the film myself, but I didn’t see the point once I realized that what I had to say you’d already pretty much covered in your review and follow-ups. Damn it.

  • Orangutan

    I always talk you up to my friends, and I invariably insist that they read your Tomb Raider review.

  • MaryAnn

    Facebook and Twitter are good, too, for spreading the word, and there will hopefully be easy ways to do that right from a post page once I finish the upgrade.

  • GibsonGirl

    Posted “because no one smoked or swore in the 1960s” to FB – cause the wingnuts in Florida need to be slapped down!

  • markyd

    I mention you pretty frequently, really. I recommended your site to a movie loving friend the other day. I’ll post something up on FB, too.

  • Henry

    I’ve linked you from my Facebook page before. It will be awesome once that’s made easier.

  • Mimi

    I emailed some of your Dr Who stuff to a friend, and I think I’ve seen him comment on here a few times since. Been meaning to ask IRL if it’s him. I’ll try to think of other likely candidates!

  • Actually, I have told several of my real world friends that you write the funniest reviews of bad movies I’ve ever read. I hope that counts as an endorsement. Maybe we should be spreading the word of your reviews of Battlefield Earth, Tomb Raider, or GI Joe instead of just the most recent ones?

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