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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

MaryAnn proposes we rename the Oscars…

Crazy Interrupting French Lady Follies.


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  • Any big surprises yet tonight?

  • Remy Michael

    …Crazy Interrupting French Lady Follies.

    I thought for a second we were having a Kanye moment. But even Kanye gave back the mic.

  • G

    I wanted to see the lifetime award winners get to say something at the ceremony. They showed a few seconds of clips of some ceremony they had previously and didn’t have them on stage.

  • Victor Plenty

    Nobody cares what a lifetime award winner has to say. They’ve already had plenty of chances to express themselves. The award is a way of gently encouraging them to shut up and give someone new a chance to be heard.

    (No, not really. Actually, I’d be interested in the responses of lifetime award winners, but I suspect many would secretly agree with the more cynical sentiments I expressed above.)

  • Kenny

    The Hurt Locker’s taking the technical awards too? jings…

  • funWithHeadlines

    Poor woman, she wins an Oscar, but because her co-winner got to the stage first, didn’t wait for her to get there too before starting to speak, everyone watching thinks she’s a crazy woman crashing the stage. Never did a winner of an Oscar get less respect.

  • doa766

    I can’t believe El Secreto de sus Ojos won best foreign picture, it’s from my country and actually know some of the people involved

    in case you’re wondering it’s not some depressing social commentary, it’s procedural thriller-drama with a shocking ending

    it’s not my favorite argentinian movie but it’s very good

  • Hurt Locker wins! Over Star Trek?! Noooooooo…

  • Remy Michael

    I couldn’t agree more with Kathryn Bigelow and Hurt Locker winning in their respective categories.

    Does this mean there is still some legitimacy left in the Academy Awards?

  • Knightgee

    Does this mean there is still some legitimacy left in the Academy Awards?

    Sandra Bullock won for Best Actress, so no. Also, maybe this was just me, but I don’t really think it deserved best picture or best screenplay. It was a good movie, but I felt Inglorious Basterds was better, had more to say and said it a lot better. I mean good for her and I’m happy it won over something like The Blind Side, but I feel as if the Academy bought into the hype of the “Avatar vs. The Hurt Locker” feud and completely neglected films that were far more daring in their message, like Precious or Inglorious Basterds, while something like The Hurt Locker won because it was suitably apolitical.

  • ceti

    That was one of the worst Oscars ever. Jokes were painfully unfunny, the audio was messed up, the dance numbers random and unsyncronized, the speeches were a mess, the best actor and actress presenters long-winded and queasy, and the best picture award presentation perfunctory. Last year’s was so much better as was the Golden Globes with their rollicking impromptu roasting.

  • Martin

    I’m starting to get really annoyed that the media seems to mis-pronounce Katherine Bigelow’s name.

    It’s ‘Katherine Bigelow’. Not ‘Katherine Bigelow, James Cameron’s Ex-wife’.

    She’s an Oscar winning director, is it now completely possible for us to view her as a separate human being?

  • Ide Cyan

    That’s Kathryn, actually.

  • doa766

    @Martin: the media is mis-pronouncing it and you’re are misspelling it, it’s Kathryn Bigelow, not Katherine

  • Alli

    funwithHeadlines, that’s not exactly what happened. She’s actually a producer who removed herself from the project a year earlier. The Director (the man who accepted the award), and the Producer (crazy person) fought over the direction of the film for the entire filming process, and it eventually ended in a lawsuit. So this is much weirder than the Kanye moment I think.

    I agree with Ceti that I thought this Oscars was horribly boring. Tina Fey or Neil Patrick Harris would have been better. I even missed Hugh Jackman.

  • Martin


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