question of the day: If you could retitle any blockbuster, what would you call it?

Sci Fi Wire ran a piece recently about “the secret code names of 37 sci-fi blockbuster films” — which sounds cooler than it actually is. I thought it would be about the original titles for great films that we now love, and hey, wouldn’t it be funny/silly/stupid if we couldn’t stop talking about that classic film I Almost Married My Mother, and isn’t it better that we instead call it Back to the Future?

But that’s not what the piece is about. Instead, it’s about the fake titles mega productions often use to disguise the fact that they’re shooting, say, a new Star Wars movie, not actual might-have-been titles. And with the exception of the granddaddy of them all — I still want to see a movie called Blue Harvest, the code name used during shooting of Return of the Jedi, which I find very evocative and mysterious — they’re not very interesting. Incident on 57th Street was the code name for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? *yawn* Changing Seasons was actually The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring? Who cares?
So let’s have fun with this. Invent a working title for a film we love — or love to hate — that’s even better (or worse, in an interesting way) than the title it ended up with. Here’s mine:

The Matrix = How to Unplug from the World Without Really Trying

If you could retitle any blockbuster, what would you call it? Have fun!

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