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question of the day: What untold stories about women deserve to be made as a movie?

My Week in Women column this week features a video in which 82 female filmmakers discuss what kind of film they’d make with an unlimited budget. It got me thinking about a script that I’ve been thinking about writing for years, a true story that was coincidentally in the news this week. I’ll repeat myself from TWIW:

Me? I would make a kickass epic about the American Women Airforce Service Pilots who flew planes in noncombat situations during WWII to free up the men for combat, and how much they loved their work even though they were treated like shit because they weren’t seen as “real” soldiers. I love this photo:

There women look industrious and confident and happy — they know they’re doing important, useful work, and they’re having the adventure of their lives doing it — and I’d love to make an epic movie about them that is A League of Their Own meets Band of Brothers, a movie that would portray them as complex, flawed heroes who died for their country (without even benefit of a military funeral)… but more frequently lived for it, and never got any thanks for or even acknowledgement of their work until just this month.

That photo has lingered in my mind for years, since I first saw it. It looks like a still from a great movie.

What do you think? What untold stories about women deserve to be made as a movie?

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